Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump increases Pentagon spending despite hidden waste of $125 billion, and past unaccounted for $2.3 Trillion.

Republicans are dead set on increasing defense spending, while cutting every social safety net program we have. Peace through strength they say. But if Republicans were serious about weeding out fraud and government waste, well, they could start and end with defense spending.

Defense spending just went up to $619 billion, while programs benefiting Americans are being targeted for major reductions. The chart here is from 2015. Note: Self funded programs are included:

Mind Blowing Pentagon Waste Ignored: I've found two reports that Republicans don't want you to remember. First, the most recent report of Pentagon waste from December 2016, acknowledged by Trump in this "official" pre-presidential Tweet:

Here's the Fox News report:

Business Insider: Barely one week after a blockbuster Washington Post investigation revealed that the Pentagon had suppressed a report identifying $125 billion in wasteful spending, Congress has passed the new National Defense Authorization Act, directing a fresh $619 billion to the Department of Defense. 

Last summer, an examination of the finances of the U.S. Army alone found misstatements and errors than ran into the trillions of dollars. A push by Congress to force the Pentagon into “audit readiness” by the end of fiscal year 2017 is widely regarded as doomed to failure.

The bill (had) several controversial measures removed … a proposal to allow defense contractors to exercise their “religious freedom” by discriminating against employees on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation … would have required women to register for the draft.
Pentagon Couldn't Find $2.3 Trillion...Lost: The above report pales in comparison to the archival CBS footage I saved from way back around 2001, when we were talking about the pentagon losing track of $2.3 trillion...not kidding. The Pentagon wrote off the losses like they always do, according to Dept. of Defense Analyst Franklin Spinney:

So, still want to spend more on the military, while trying to squeeze out that negligible amount of fraud in the food stamp program? It was never about saving money or small government, it was always about taking power.

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