Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump makes sure ObamaCare will Collapse by pulling signup ads.

I was kind of mystified to see all the ACA "ObamaCare" signup ads on TV, at the same time the Trump administration started to repeal it. But there was a reason for their media blitz; younger people typically sign up the last few weeks. Without them, the marketplace collapses...oh, I get it now:
The Trump administration has put a halt on the Obamacare outreach ads, Politico reported Thursday night, five days before the law’s open enrollment period ends. 
These five days are a really bad time to have no outreach for the health law — and there’s a simple graph that helps explain why. For Obamacare to work, it needs a lot of young people to sign up. Young adults typically have lower health care costs, so they can help balance out the hefty medical bills of older enrollees.

There have been many Republican claims that Obamacare is “collapsing” lately — despite forecasts from independent agencies like the Congressional Budget Office that estimate the law’s marketplaces are small but stable. A move like this, however, could cause disruption by making it harder for the health care law to reach the exact people the marketplaces need the most.
Which will make the marketplace collapse, just like Republicans are predicting. Coincidence?

I thought this doctor reaction was a bit surprising, but also encouraging:

Here's a break down of what Primary Care Physicians (PCP) think:

What party is your doctor supporting, Republican or Democrat? Here's a poll....

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