Friday, January 13, 2017

Ryan's ACA Replacement Plan isn't about Health Care, it's about the Health of the Insurance Industry.

Paul Ryan's entire health care reform plan is all about shopping for insurance and insurance company healthy profits subsidized by the American taxpayer.

Paul Ryan's CNN town hall meeting with one conservative voter did not go well. The lesson here is that unless Republicans are personally affected, they don't give a rats ass.

Not only did Ryan meet up with a former ObamaCare hating small business owner who now praises the ACA, he had no specific comeback that his plan would have been any better. Ryan instead wants to bring back those failed and expensive taxpayer supported state run high risk pools, so insurers have only healthy people sending them a check every month. Real free market like...?

Remember: Below, Trump promised "far less expensive and far better" coverage than the ACA exchanges. NOTE: Trump bashed the ObamaCare deductibles for being "so high, that after people go care can't even be used by them because their deductibles are so high." The right wing talking point is "deductibles are so high it's like not having insurance." And yet, the Republican plan is centered on HSA's, health savings accounts, which are high deductible insurance plans.

It's driving me crazy Democrats aren't pointing this out every minute of every day:

...more of Trump's promise.....remember, "better" can't include less coverage:

What the Public Wants vs What the Republicans don't Want: Democrats forced Republicans go on record during the vote to repeal the ACA opposing the most popular publically supported elements of ObamaCare:

It's odd how we're just now having the discussion about what it would be like repealing the ACA for 22 million insured Americans who could lose their coverage.

You'll notice that 77% of those who want to repeal ObamaCare (who whined loudly about not being able to keep their old insurance or doctors), are okay with 20 million people losing their insurance and doctors. The power of resentment is mind blowing.

But the recent large increases in premiums on the exchanges might have been a one time marketplace correction for the initial lower premiums when ObamaCare began. Also, the Urban Institute Report predicted that 82% of the 30 million people losing their coverage would be from working families. Sorry "real Americans." And repealing the taxes that support the ACA now would make paying for their own plan impossible, since they've taken a no tax pledge:

After watching Ryan scramble to defend his massively flawed plan, by a clueless media, I have a few observations:
1. My very well off brother complained he didn't get any help paying for his health insurance, like the ACA subsidy, and thought that was unfair. Under Ryan's plan, the well off who can already deduct their expensive Cadillac health care plans, will get Ryan's tax break as well with an across the board "refundable tax credit." The rich and poor will get the same amount no matter what income level. Oddly, they want to means test Medicare patients.

2. How can out-of-state insurers offer less expensive plans from when they have to set up networks in those other states?

3. Before ObamaCare, doctors and hospitals complained about the maze of insurer paperwork and contractual guidelines. With the influx of outside insurers setting up shop, doesn't that make keeping track of each individual insurer a nightmare?

4. Some of the people asking questions at Ryan's town hall didn't really have a grasp of what really happens in health care, blindly accepting Ryan's bizarre concept of health care. 
Watch the whole thing here:

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