Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Republicans Thrive on Chaos, Confusion and Fear. It's the Path to Power.

The public didn't turn against health care reform because of the plan itself, they soured on it because of lies, doom and gloom scenario's and fatigue. All bad reasons to oppose reform.

We're spending hundreds of billions of dollars out of the fear we'll be the victim of another terrorist attack. Republicans insist they can keep us safe no matter the cost.

Despite deregulation and the resulting global economic crash, Republicans would prefer fewer regulations, continuing the boom and bust history that has wiped out families savings and retirement nest eggs.

Even after Rep. Michele Bachmann vilified the census as a way herding Republicans into concentration camps, the RNC is now confusing Americans into thinking their questionnaire is an official government census form. The Washington Post:

Officials of both parties are sharply criticizing a fundraising mailing from Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele they say could be confused with official correspondence regarding this year’s census.

Calling itself the “Congressional District Census,” the letter comes in an envelope starkly printed with the words, “DO NOT DESTROY OFFICIAL DOCUMENT” and describes itself, on the outside of the envelope, as a “census document” … the latest round comes in a year when the actual United States census is getting under way, and officials say they’re worried that the GOP will sow confusion … with the Census Bureau's regional office criticizing the letter …"biggest concern is that it might be confusing to some residents who get this and then get the real one in a couple of months."

Congress is also taking an interest. “The mailing appears to be designed to resemble official census documents and to deceive recipients as to its true origins,” wrote Democratic (from) the House Subcommittee that oversees the census, in a letter last month to the U.S. Postmaster General. “We believe that the RNC mailings are an attempt to mislead recipients and appear to us to be violations of federal law.” Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry, has also raised concerns, “about the integrity of the census and would discourage any organization from distributing information that intentionally or not is easily confused with official U.S. Census materials.”

Postal officials responded that the mailing stays on the correct side of the law because it doesn’t use the full name of the U.S. Census Bureau or the seal of any government agency.

Even some who have been involved with the program, however, acknowledged that it walks the line. "Of course, duping people is the point. ... That's one of the reasons why it works so well,” said one Republican operative familiar with the program.

Rachel Maddow covered the issue, when few chose to. Where's the citizen and media outrage?

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