Sunday, January 10, 2010

Throwing Taxpayer Money Away on Failed "Tough on Crime" Policies Okay for Rep. Scott Suder. At Least We Don't have to Spend it on Public Schools.

Tough on crime, budget blasting "truth in sentencing" Republicans can't defend spending taxpayer money on punishment anymore, so they're now resorting to scare tactics. Talk of early release is still off the table for them. What else would explain Republican fear monger Scott Suder's recent statement on WPT's Here and Now,
"This is a dangerous social experiment, doom to failure, and it puts the public at risk."
Oh my god, we're all going to die!

Yet when Republicans pushed truth in sentencing, they took the discretion of the judge away, and instead let elected government bureaucrats decide punishments. But in the usual Republican flip-flop, trying to have it both ways, Rep. Suder now complains early release will be decided by government bureaucrats. Huh?

"These are not judges, these are not fact judges and prosecutors aren't even consulted...unelected bureaucrats letting prisoners go, letting them out the door."

Rebutting the Suder panic attack, State Dept. of Corrections Sec. Rick Raemisch reminded Suder that as a former four term Dane Co. Sheriff, street cop, narcotics dectective, assistant U.S. Attorney and Dane Co. D.A. he might know what he's doing when determining who gets released:

"So I guess this particular bureaucrat has the expertise to do that. And plus, Dept. of Corrections officers are experts in the field. Nobody spends more time with these inmates than us...we see there progress, we see their failures."

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