Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gov. Doyle's "Green to Gold" Energy Plan Again, "Bad for Business"-Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

When ever Democrats try to help big business, big business doesn't know how to say "thank you."

In a state of permanent whine, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce is opposing a plan to help companies save energy costs in the future by going green, instead leaving their members bottom lines exposed to the wild swings of the commodities market.

Because Wisconsin doesn't have its own natural energy resources to sell to other states, like oil, coal or gas, why not create our own market through wind and solar energy, so we can sell that? It would stabilize prices and give our state a self sustainable energy supply.

Not if WMC can help it. On "Upfront with Mike Gousha," Rep. Spencer Black trashes WMC's use of bogus studies and doom and gloom business prophesies. "We send over $20 billion a year out of our state's economy to purchase fossil fuels. That's an incredible drain on our prosperity." Incredibly, WMC can't even get behind something as simple as:

Wisconsin State Journal: Doyle announced the state would establish a $100 million "Green to Gold" revolving loan fund to help manufacturers reduce their energy costs. The fund would use both existing state resources and federal stimulus money.

A push to convince state manufacturers that they can make money by “going green” is being bolstered by a new alliance pairing cost-cutting experts with environmental engineers ... Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership, nonprofit consulting organization … tries to help the state’s 10,000 small and midsized manufacturers … cut costs and reduce their impact on the environment … it can give manufacturers a competitive advantage, with cost savings they can use to grow their companies … The state Department of Commerce offers grants that can help manufacturers pay for up to half the project costs of using WMEP’s services.

WMC's slogan has always been, "Wisconsin is Bad For Business." Maybe they should consider the slogan "Why Can't We be More Like Mexico?"

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