Thursday, January 28, 2010

Republicans Refrain from Clapping and Standing Ovations During State of the Union. Real Class.

Get a clue President Obama. It's was more than obvious, after watching the Republicans sit quietly, no clapping, no standing ovations during parts of the State of the Union speech, that there isn't a chance in hell these ideologues are about to cast one vote with the Democrats. I don't think I've seen anything like this, ever.

You might have also notice that after the first 10 minutes of camera shots, which showed the brooding little boy Republicans sitting rudely quiet (protesting their president in a time of war I might add), the network stopped featuring their side of the isle. Someone behind the scenes must have realized how bad the Republican sit down strike looked, and justifiably so. And didn't Rep. John Boehner look completely drunk? I'd know that kind of smile anywhere.

On the back end of the clip below, Rachel Maddow also notices these partisan school yard bullies.

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