Monday, January 25, 2010

Scott Walker: He Was Against Green Energy Jobs Before He Was for It, Even though He's Still Against It...!

I just loved this noticeable conservative contradiction spotlighted in the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's press release:
Though he opposes tax incentives that could create new energy jobs, GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker today is today is hypocritically stopping to pose for pictures at the same Manitowoc firm visited last week by Tom Barrett on his jobs-creation tour.

Walker has cut jobs programs as Milwaukee County executive and has at every turn opposed new- and green-energy job creation, choosing instead to defend the status quo.

"Since Walker's inept administration has done nothing but cut jobs programs and oppose targeted tax incentives for new energy, it is clear by today's hypocrisy that the only job Scott Walker cares about is his own," Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said.

"Though it is fueling his campaign at this point, hypocrisy does not count as alternative energy."
Walker and other Republicans seem to be saying they want to create jobs, yet never have to say how they'll go about doing that.

Will the media ask.

Will the media pursue these scoundrels and ask follow up questions to get actual answers. One important note: Tax cuts for businesses does nothing to convince consumers to spend money, which then stimulates demand, resulting in job creation.

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