Thursday, January 21, 2021

Senate leaves Cosplay Gov Robin Vos eating their dust!

At the risk of making Gov. Tony Evers look good...

Assembly leader Robin Vos just got exposed as the incompetent egotistical PROBLEM gumming up pandemic aid to Wisconsinites. Thanks to the Senate compromise bill with Governor Evers, Vos got his ass handed to him.

1. The Assembly's weird COVID-19 anti-plan, that pretends the pandemic never happened, came across like the obvious Vos power grab it was meant to be. 

Cosplay governor Robin Vos' massive ego can't handle getting benched by the Senate. And he's mad. A few bullet points:

1. While Vos ignores the pandemic, believing businesses, schools, and confined church gatherings should be allowed again, he actually said:

"With lives literally on the line..."  

2. Vos got caught in his own lie over Evers vaccine distribution problems, when his orange leader Trump mishandled the vaccines reserves, leaving nothing for Evers and the other states. 

As Gov. Evers explained:

3. So, after 9 months of doing nothing and now holding up the Evers/Senate COVID agreement, Vos comically demanded:

"The vaccine distribution effort should be an "ALL HANDS ON DECK" operation...Gov. Evers, do your job." 
…except the Assembly's hands?

4. Vos actually vilified local voter supported government health officials by claiming his big government one-size-fits-all state plan is better than "blanket decisions" made by city and county leaders. Try not to laugh at the mind boggling hypocrisy: 

"Bring everyone together...that limits government overreach, and allows for more, not less, public input." 

5. That's when we saw the Vos tantrum, trashing the new Senate leadership, and conveniently forgetting he's done nothing but delay, criticize, and delay some more:

"It seems, unfortunately, some would think the only way to find common ground is to cave to the Governors demands...but we will never compromise our conservative ideals in the name of political expediency."  
6. Again, Vos is no closer to a plan 10 months in, and he's selling this BS?
“There is no sense of urgency with the Evers administration. They’ve had months to develop a plan

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