Thursday, January 28, 2021

Bumbling Republicans Rush to Trash Gov. Evers Mask Mandate, but instead, mistakenly kill $49 million Federal Food Assistance money!!!

Bumbling Republicans didn't know. No excuse, no joke after 10 months of doing nothing. 

1. They were so dead set on repealing Gov. Evers mask mandate, they didn't stop to debate or think...

JSONLINE: Republicans introduced their plan a week ago and rushed it to the Senate floor without holding a hearing on it. Until late Wednesday, they did not know their effort could take away food assistance in the middle of a pandemic that has forced thousands of people out of work.
A Republican plan to eliminate Wisconsin's mask requirement would likely cut off nearly $50 million in food assistance a month to low-income people and those thrown out of work … A COVID-19 package Congress passed last year gave states additional funding for food stamps if they have emergency health orders in place.

2. I only noticed this amazing mistake when I found the press release from the Hunger Task Force, at The Wheeler Report:

“Emergency FoodShare is 100% federally funded, so in effect, our state Legislature is voting to turn away federal assistance in a pandemic without regard for people in need.” 

3. Still Repealing the Mask Mandate, Republicans have the Balls to add this:

Republicans "added a measure authorizing Gov. Tony Evers to declare a state of emergency for the sole purpose of receiving federal FoodShare funds."

"Sole purpose"? Yup, no mask mandate, crowd sizes limits, etc. Since the pandemic isn't real, what's the point of declaring what would be a phony emergency health order? My god.

4. Vos takes credit, after the fact, that the Assembly did their due diligence? Can you believe this ass**le?
Vos told reporters shortly before the Assembly convened, "Unfortunately, when our Senate colleagues passed it, they didn’t necessarily do the same level of due diligence. … We do not want to repeat that mistake."
5. Clueless and incompetent Vos sabotages state's economic comeback: Banning the mask mandate is bad for the two reason's Sen. Chris Larsen listed below: 
a. They constantly criticize how slowly the vaccine has been rolled out, yet they vote for bills that prevent hospitals from requiring their employees to receive one.

b. They say they want businesses to be open and schools to be in-person, but against the wishes of doctors, scientists, teachers, and business leaders, they passed a resolution in the Senate to repeal the statewide mask mandate - the very thing we need in place to keep them open.

6. Republicans can't govern. NOT THE FIRST TIME:

And yet, Republicans are ripping Gov. Evers for everything COVID, claiming he's not taking the pandemic seriously. You can't make this stuff up.

In an opinion piece on Channel3000, Bill Wineke summed it up perfectly this way:
The reason the Republican backers of this proposal give is that they don’t think Evers should have the power to make such an order. In fact, it’s pretty clear they don’t think Evers should have the power to do much of anything.

Their goal – and I don’t think I’m being too radical about this – is for Evers to have no power to fix anything and to be held responsible for everything that goes wrong.

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