Friday, January 22, 2021

5,643 Deaths and counting, and Vos Republicans never took the COVID-19 Pandemic Seriously! Think about that.

If Scott Walker was governor, herd immunity would be a thing, and the state economy would have plunged into an endless COVID-19 recession, with businesses collapsing everywhere.

Anti-maskers, demanding businesses to reopen, have unknowingly trashed the consumer driven economy by making it unsafe to go out. 

The No Solutions, Do-Nothing Vos-Republican Freeloaders: For 8 years, Walker didn't solve one social problem. Vos-Republicans are sticking to their freeloading ways.

Wait out the pandemic = let the vaccines do all the heavy lifting.  

They always say we should follow CDC recommendations, right? But they don't mean it AT ALL:

More than two dozen Republican lawmakers have signed onto a new resolution that, if taken up and passed by the Senate and Assembly, would immediately cease Evers' extended face mask requirement and the public health emergency declaration that serves as its basis.
Republicans could just Vote to Support Evers' Mask Mandate, Right? They could have also repealed the mandate right before the election, but they weren't that brave: 
Recent Marquette University Law School poll results showed the mask mandate was supported by a majority of Wisconsinites.

While GOP lawmakers had the power to convene at any time to knock it down, they declined to do so in the months leading up to and following the November election.
It's so ridiculous to listen to Republicans whine about Evers not supporting the "integrity of the legislative powers...blah, blah, blah. Pandemic guys! Process is so much more important than peoples lives. 

Proving they don't believe COVID-19 and it's more dangerous mutations... 
Led by Sens. Julian Bradley and Steve Nass, the joint resolution would terminate the public health emergency declaration and subsequent mask order, a step that the language says would "protect the integrity of the legislative powers authorized under the Wisconsin Constitution."
If they believed we were in a COVID-19 pandemic they would support Evers, but...
“The time has come for the Wisconsin Legislature to stand up for civil liberties and put an end to the excessive actions of Governor Evers to control the people of this state with unending Covid-19 emergency declarations," Nass said in a recent statement"These overreaching mask mandates from @GovEvers must stop," Bradley said this week in a tweet. "I'm ready to vote to end them now."
The gerrymandered-out-of-power Democrats keep telling the truth, even after 5,607 Wisconsinites died horrible lonely deaths thanks to Republican opposition:
Evers spokeswoman Britt Cudaback slammed the resolution, "Republicans haven’t taken COVID-19 seriously from the beginning, and they still aren’t now more than 280 days since they last sent a bill to the governor’s desk," she added.
And the madness continues, pretending this never really happened;
A host of provisions that made their way through the committee process this week, such as two separate bills that would bar health officials, as well as employers, from requiring individuals to receive a COVID-19 vaccination; another to prohibit health officials from closing places of worship to curb the virus; and a final one that would require school board approval to allow virtual instruction.

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