Saturday, December 22, 2018

GOP removal of Mandate/Fines made no difference in ACA signups, undercutting ruling ACA unconstitutional!!!

Universal Health Care or Medicare for All is the money saving solution to our hugely complicated and expensive for-profit U.S. model. 

Let's hope the new Democratic House majority won't run away from the growing popularity for universal health, even though we've already seen them take a few steps backward. The time is now, and almost everyone can see that.

Unconstitutional? Surprise, Nope: The numbers are in for the 2019 ACA signup, and guess what, not having a "penalty" for skipping insurance didn't collapse the ACA after all. Note: Also keep in mind the signup period was shortened and advertising disappeared:
ModernHealthCare (subscription):Even though the Republican-led Congress repealed fines for being uninsured effective Jan. 1 ... The drop — from 8.8 million to 8.5 million — was far less than experts forecast.

The numbers are likely to change policymakers' understanding of how the law actually works. It could also undercut a Texas federal court case in which a Republican-appointed judge, U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor recently declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional since the fines no longer exist ... With the fines gone, the coverage requirement can no longer be considered constitutional, he reasoned ... because it can't be separated from the coverage requirement.

But steady sign-up numbers are factual evidence that in the real world the coverage mandate doesn't drive the health care law. "The argument that it's somehow inseparable from protections for pre-existing conditions is a lot weaker," Levitt said.

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