Monday, December 17, 2018

Ways we know Trump Republicans Wheels falling Off!!!

This is only Monday...

This is so far removed from any basic understanding of the Constitution that it defies explanation. The last time I looked, conservative media made up 92 percent of the public airways, but that was okay because that kind of programming sells. And isn't that what freedoms all about, profit?

ObamaCare Unconstitutional? Leave it to conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin to clearly make the case, Trump Republicans can no longer hide their lies, like the one about those "activist judges" "legislating from the bench." Was Republican Sen. Roy Blunt on something when he said, "that doesn't mean that legislators can act like judges..." What the...?
CHUCK TODD: But didn’t this federal judge act like a legislator? And he decided, on his own, what the law is going to be? Isn’t this a form of judicial activism? He said, “Well, I’ve decided that Congress said this is a zero tax. I’ve decided it’s no longer a tax.” That’s the definition of a judge writing legislation, is it not?

BLUNT: That doesn’t mean, that doesn’t mean that legislators can act like judges, just because, just because judges sometimes act like legislators.

TODD: So you acknowledge, in this case...

BLUNT: No...
Will Medicare Go Away? Yes, because now everyone will have health care!!! The media is driving me crazy letting Republicans frame "Medicare-for-all" as the horrifying end of Medicare? No, we won't need Medicare or Medicaid because surprise, now everyone has health care! Seriously, is it that difficult? Will someone please stop this idiotic talking point before it starts making sense to the drooling Trump base.
BLUNT: You know, the one thing I think we would be able to unite on is Medicare-for-all would wind up meaning Medicare for none. If Democrats want to take that view to the American people, and seniors, particularly, people who are now covered by Medicare, understand the ramifications of that. There is no way that will happen. And there’s no way voters will let it happen.
Chuck Todd did not correct this lunacy. What is wrong with media reporters who hear this and then don't think right away that it doesn't make any sense? 

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