Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Republicans unabashedly admit they oppose democracy!!!

While Trump is trying to throw out the votes of millions of Americans across the country, Wisconsin Republicans are making it perfectly clear that they are fully on board with that idea, in support of an authoritarian one party Republican government. 

Even after 8 years under Scott Walker and a whole new set of Rube Goldberg-like election rules, it's always something. You don't have to imagine how petty they would like to get, because it's spelled out in the first paragraph of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's story below:

As Republicans pursue a longshot chance of overturning the presidential results in Wisconsin, they’re focused on absentee voters' addresses, the state’s residency requirement and a flash drive that was briefly left in a counting machine.

The article goes on to explain how both the election commission and governor would have to approve throwing out the state election results and then incredibly replace the current electors with only Trump supporters, handing Wisconsin over to Trump. Mind blowing, true, but conservative voters would love to just sit back and let this happen.

Here's what the far right's Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, R-New Berlin, said on Monday:

Sanfelippo lunacy
…raised the prospect of having the state’s electoral votes go to Trump instead of Biden...

“If an investigation shows these actions affected the outcome of the election, we need to either declare this past election null and void and hold a new election or require our Electoral College Delegates to correct the injustice with their votes.” 

Yea, likes that's going to happen.

Ousted "Constitutional textualist" Justice Michael Gableman see's legal language where there is none:

Republicans have raised concerns about instances in which clerks filled in the addresses of witnesses on absentee ballot envelopes. The state Elections Commission told clerks they could add the witness’ address if they were able to determine what it was. 

State law does not explicitly say who must provide the address information. And Republicans on the commission have backed the policy allowing clerks to fill it out.

Former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman contends the witness — not the clerk — is the one who is supposed to fill out the address information. “The one meaningful path that the president would have in Wisconsin would be to challenge the I believe illegal clerks writing in the addresses for the absentee voters’ witnesses,”

Gableman was thankfully booted by Wisconsin voters. But he did prove once and for all how textualism and originalism was nothing more hard core conservative drivel.

The silence from Republican leadership is also a concern. Are Republicans planning to take something to our conservative activist State Supreme Court that will help Trump steal the election? I think the video says it all:


  1. I am posting the email of one disturbed Cult45 heavy breather who can't quite hit the comment button under my blog posts.

    The thing is, these kinds of comments are oddly similar for so many people I've talked to who have also received disturbing reactions on social media sites, even snail mail. The message is clear from these very bad losers, don't believe what your actually seeing...:

    "The propaganda whore strikes again!

    Why don't you do some real investigative work and look into benford's law. It's a statistical method that is commonly used to Identify financial and tax fraud. It was also used to identify fraud in the 2009 Iranian presidential election.

    The results of using this method in our current election cycle has shown numerous cases of fraud throughout our states. In my state, the method showed significant fraud in both Philadelphia and the county of Allegheny.

    In addition, why don't you do some research into the Dominican software used to switch votes. It's already been shown in Michigan to switch votes in one county and it's used in 47 other counties in Michigan. And it's used in I believe 30+ states. Why don't you find out who's tied to that software.

    Actually, our Republic was founded on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the rule of law. Unfortunately we don't except corruption and mob rule which you seem to call democracy. Better yet why don't you go down and interview antifa and black lives matters rioters during a riot.

    I would love to see your article from that interview. They would probably kick the shit out of you. Then you can come back and talk to me about democracy.

    You truly are a hack as a journalist. The lack of any credible research, hypocrisy, and bigotry in your reporting is beyond comprehension. But then again, we both know you're not a journalist you're just a schmuck providing his opinion and posing as a journalist.

    Take care, Al"

  2. Yes I have. The software only switched one way John ... for Biden. You never try to cheat in states that are hopeless or meaningless in the scheme of things. It just makes it easier to get caught. They have all the information John believe me. Did you check who are involved with this software. Again, do the research. You're entitled to your opinion but you're not entitled to change the facts.

    Thanks for your gobbledygook response. Pretty much confirms what I thought and said about you.

    Take care, Al