Sunday, November 15, 2020

Vos' Pandemic Logic Yesterday: "There isn't a law that we can pass that would outlaw the pandemic!" Now: "I am asking for your help" to stop the Virus?

After protecting their reelection chances by not making any tough decisions to slow down the now raging COVID-19 pandemic, Speaker Robin Vos is now magically dismissing any perception they did nothing for 6 months and that it was some kind of Democratic disinformation campaign that created the illusion of inaction. Seriously. 

Vos and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (who voters rewarded with a seat in Congress for doing nothing) didn't just disappear since the middle of May, their plan is now responsible for this devastating reality: 

Vos' blames his brutal COVID avoidance plan on...Politics?: On WKOW's Capitol City Sunday, video below, Vos simply lied, telling Wisconsinites what they read and saw with their own eyes never happened: 

1. "Democrats tried to create a narrative that Republicans didn't take COVID seriously, and didn't want to work together to get things done."

2. "Well it's really a political argument that's been made by the liberals, and their allies all across the state, again with out of state billionaire funded money just to try to win the legislature back!!!" 

HOLD ON: What Vos didn't say? Vos Republicans created this death march:

The state's highest court sided with Republican lawmakers Wednesday in a decision that curbed the power of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' administration to act unilaterally during public health emergencies.
Gov. Evers responded:
"Republican legislators convinced four members of the Supreme Court to throw the state into chaos," Evers told reporters Wednesday evening. "Republicans own that chaos."
Not if Vos can help it. But there was one HUGE problem:
Justice Brian Hagedorn wrote in dissent, "In striking down most of (the order), this court has failed to provide almost any guidance for what the relevant laws mean, and how our state is to govern through this crisis moving forward."

Predictably, Republicans never came back to define those relevant laws, leaving us with 7,7777 new COVID cases, more deaths, and predictions that it could get much worse. From Here and Now:

Vos' media blitz to cover up his now disastrous "people are smart, let them make their own decisions" policy. But Vos voters are dug in now: 

But still....

 I will let you fill in the blank(s): Vos is  _____________________!

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