Sunday, November 15, 2020

Proud Boy riots at MAGA March falsely blame ANTIFA for brutal violence, but gets exposed!

My Trump Cultist friend in Milwaukee sent me a MAGA March thread from Breitbart that illustrates how people like him are so easily manipulated.

What my friend watched was shocking and unsettling, but also an important part of the Trump mobs Proud Boy movement. At first I was very sympathetic...but then I saw the bigger picture. 

Violent Content Warning: The Breitbart thread never once mentioned the Proud Boys and the other assaults during the MAGA March. The male MAGA protester who was cold cocked in the video below is no innocent victim. This was only part of the story, the end reaction to what really happened shown in the second video. I don't agree with these escalating brutal confrontations, but it is energizing propaganda and recruitment material for the Proud Boys. Also note how the male victim is helped and taken to medical help by sympathetic ANTIFA members: 

Here's what really happened, and a lesson in right wing manipulation. Remember Trump encouraged this in tweets, and is all happening under his administration, not Biden's:

Guess who fell for this...Scott Walker. Not a smart man, but then you knew that: 


  1. I am posting the email of one disturbed Cult45 heavy breather who can't quite hit the comment button under my blog posts.

    The thing is, these kinds of comments are oddly similar for so many people I've talked to who have also received disturbing reactions on social media sites, even snail mail. The message is clear from these very bad losers, don't believe what your actually seeing:

    I know what kind of research you for your articles ... none. If you look at the tape it's obvious the guy was upset about something that just happened to him or his group. I guess you haven't seen all the other antifa attacks on innocent people. You're supporting antifa which is Terrorist organization.

    There is no hope for you. You are truly one disgusting hypocritical bigoted piece of shit scumbag of a human being.

    That's OK, I believe what goes around comes around and people reap what they sow.

    When the shit hits the fan I actually feel sorry for people like you.

    It's funny, by your own admission your a failed liberal talk show host. Even your own people know what you are.

    The truth sets many people free. In your case you're incapable of understanding the truth or wanting to understand the truth. You are pure evil and part of the problem. But in the end the people you're supporting will actually be your downfall.

    Did you do this article from your interview with Antifa? I'm still waiting for that article. But my guess is you don't have the balls to do an interview with Antifa.

  2. The mental weakness and whininess of MAGAts is so obvious. And yes guys, we all see it, and know that you peaked in high school.

    ANTIfa isn't even a real organization, but these dimwits are trembling in their basements all the same.