Friday, May 29, 2020

Nygren's amazing race baiting press release...believe your eyes!

It's a fact Wisconsin's Lt. Governor, Madella Barnes, is black.

So Rep. John Nygren wants to make sure you get really PO'd about it.

Why Nygren specifically targets Barnes leaves little up for discussion. In fact, his whole oddly petty argument is shaped around his obvious racial dog whistle message. You rarely see anything this point blank racist. And Nygren is proud of his clever whiteness:

Just as weird, Nygren complains about Evers budget cuts to many of the governors own favorite programs because of the pandemic, while at the same time complaining they weren't the 5 percent Evers demanded, but instead were 2.5 percent. Oh, and this is a rewrite of an earlier release that same day, but without Mandela Barnes as the target.

Read his race card press release yourself, especially the last line, which blew my mind totally, considering Trump's latest tweets about "thugs," shooting Democrats, and when the "shooting starts." Can't remember when Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch sparked this kind of outrage:

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  1. Nygren really is a mini-Vos. Just a small-time crook who has grown increasingly whiny and obnoxious in recent months as GOPs see it slipping away.

    Small-time insurance salesmen from nowhere towns really shouldn't be given these positions of power.