Sunday, May 17, 2020

Dumb Ron Johnson doesn't see problem giving Businesses liability protection if employees get COVID-19!

So, just how hard will businesses work to create and maintain a safe COVID-19 free work environment if they can't be sued for lack of protections, maybe relaxing protections, or possibly getting rid of burdensome protections for employees over time? 

You know the answer to that, and so does Dumb Ron Johnson.

It's not needed if business...
"...follows the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal workplace safety agency. If a business does its best to comply with those recommendations, that should safeguard them from frivolous lawsuits."
Yet Johnson wants to pretend we can "trust" business with peoples lives and health? Talk about uncertainty. Who would feel safe going back to work where "anything goes" or protections are at the mercy of whatever a business can afford at the time?

Again, because unemployed workers have all the time in the world to pay their overdue bills, Johnson's tired old scheme is to delay and make us first understand what went wrong with previous stimulus payments blah, blah, blah...! Capitol City Sunday:

If the laws simply give immunity to corporations, there will be absolutely no incentives to ensure that they create a safe work environment,” said Remington A. Gregg, a lawyer with the watchdog group Public Citizen. Granting legal immunity, he says, will “sabotage the effort to get workers and consumers back. If people don't trust that stores, offices and workplaces are safe, they will refuse to return.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests that it could be narrowly tailored. “No one wants to protect bad actors here,” said Neil Bradley, the chambers chief policy officer. Bradley says “if they are willfully forcing workers to work in unsafe conditions, then they don't have that liability protection.”
Yea, sure, we'll see...

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