Thursday, September 5, 2019

Let's pretend Republicans are no longer in the room. Stop listening to them. We don't have time for this!

Republicans always tell us just what their next scheme is but never seem to get called out for their mindless games. And, according to the latest Marquette poll, their game plan is working. People are so busy they've been lulled into thinking this is the way life is now, filled with unnecessary struggles with mounting problems we can't afford to solve. 

After 8 years of Scott Walker and the GOP Lame Duck power grab, it's astonishing that most people still don't know enough about Sen. Fitzgerald and Rep. Vos to give an opinion about them. 

Who's Gov. Evers? The biggest and most obvious scheme was to reject Gov. Evers budget so they could rewrite it, pare it down, pass it, and take credit for what was the administration's Democratic agenda. Seriously, this works?

Republican Scam: Having "Discussions" and promising to "have a conversation:" We already know whatever the issue, these manufactured and nonexistent "discussions" and "conversations" won't make a damn bit of difference. Yet reporters never ask them about it.

We should just walk away, stop listening to their failed and ridiculous ideas. It just takes time away from getting our own message out, real solutions. For once, have them catch up to us, instead of us reacting to their lunacy.

The Walker/Republicans Failed "Free market" Expansion of Rural Broadband: As predicted, broadband providers didn't see enough money in rural broadband expansion, so we're still having a "conversation" about it. That means turning away our own federal tax dollars to help pay for rural high-speed broadband and all the new jobs, educational training, and businesses it would create:

“I think this is an opportunity for rural areas,” said Tessa Conroy of UW Extension in a 2018 interview. “More and more people can work remotely” in rural Wisconsin if broadband access is available, and other “natural amenities” often make it a good place to live.
Surprise, after 8 Years, Rural Farmers suddenly get Help: Thank god we don't have to listen to Scott Walker's fairytale stories about the utopian paradise he created with tax cuts and special interest handouts to big business.

Walker ignored every problem that made him look bad, and never once tried to solve the state's biggest problems, like struggling rural community schools and hospitals, farm bankruptcies, disappearing family dairy farms, escalating rural suicides, and mental health issues.

Republicans hate criticism: Republican "leaders" threw a tantrum when someone rightfully accused them of leaving farmers behind. It took a while, but they finally signed on to a Democratic plan to help struggling farmers. 

The (GOP) Joint Finance Committee in July declined to release ($200,000) to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection after Democrats requested the committee do so. The Republican members then sought additional information...

The decision sparked a spat between Gov. Tony Evers' pick to lead DATCP, Brad Pfaff, and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. Pfaff at the time argued in a press release that GOP lawmakers "have chosen to leave farmers behind." But Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, countered the remarks were "offensive and unproductive." Committee Co-chair John Nygren, referencing Pfaff's earlier statement, said that rhetoric "didn't match the man" he had been dealing with. He suggested the language may have been driven by the Evers administration. "I do believe somebody was playing politics with farmers, and that’s really unfortunate," the Marinette Republican said.
 The way I see it, juvenile Republican responses like Nygren's will just delay the future for all of us. Maybe 10 years, maybe 30? What they are doing is stealing away the future I thought was easily attainable for my kids.

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