Friday, September 6, 2019

The "Freeloading Off Taxpayer" Walker Tradition is God's Will...

Scott Walker's AOC obsession and shocking political insecurities continue to rise to the surface as he tries to deal with voter rejection and his failed reelection. Maybe now he can live vicariously through his son Matt's run for Congress? For Matt, I guess it's hard to resist freeloading off the taxpayers like his dad did, taking credit for a national recovery, and injecting political spin that just repeats tired old policies.

God's  Blessing??? The GOP continues to use God as the overriding reason Republicans have a "higher calling" to govern over everyone, especially those "far-left" radical young people like AOC. Below, Scott Walker suggests to voters that God might eventually bless Matt Walker to be their youthful voice...:
Scott Walker said Matt Walker, who is a partner and co-founder of Platform Digital, has asked his opinion in recent days about a potential bid.
“Well, personally, when he asked me about it the other day I gave him the advice you might not think of necessarily politically. I said one, you need to pray about it. If it’s God’s will to get in or not get in you’ll figure that out first and foremost. I think this district will be blessed. The state will be blessed because it’s not just for the 5th. It’s having a good delegation from Wisconsin...”
...and God himself, right?

Matt Walker saw how easily his dad steered clear of difficult to solve problems that might be seen as possible failures, while submerging himself in Ayn Randian theory as a congressional intern for Paul Ryan, quickly abandon his hometown of Janesville.

Matt Walker vs AOC; who reflects their generation? It's funny how Scott Walker seems to think Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez does not speak for millennial's. Despite polling that overwhelmingly supports supposed "radical" left ideas, Walker clone Matt better have a convincing argument. In today Wisconsin State Journal email...:
  • The Marquette Law School Poll found Wisconsin voters say tariffs hurt the economy, support background checks for gun sales, back banning assault weapons and like diversity. Reminder to Republicans: 2020 = inflection point.
Still, Scott Walker may think with a new face like Matt Walker's, that will energize a strictly political agenda devoid of social problem solving:

From Upfront's "blessed" Scott Walker's weekend interview...

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