Thursday, September 26, 2019

Small town citizen Vicki "McKenna" Porter takes her show to House Oversight Committee!

Thank you Ms. Vicki Porter? No, that's really right-wing talker Vicki McKenna.

Seriously, no one knew that?

It's hard to imagine how Wisconsin reporting missed this one (JS should be embarrassed). WISN's fake news BS'er Vicki McKenna appeared before the House Oversight Committee as an everyday resident "from Lake Mills Wisconsin," defending the practice of vaping (e-cigarettes). They did help her quit cigarettes.

I have to disclose "upfront;" I worked with Vicki as a co-hosted of her show in the very beginning, so I know how she converts real-world facts into a predetermined conservative fiction. That said, McKenna...I mean "Porter" did make some good points about vaping.

McKenna, hiding her identity in front of the House Oversight Committee (how did that happen?), too skillfully exaggerated fiction into fact, got confrontational and took the first opportunity to play the victim against Democratic arch-villain Rep. RashidaTlaib. Tlaib noticed Vicki winking at Rep. Glenn Grothman, and was concerned they both conspired against the committee. She was right, but Porter "McKenna" feigned outrage immediately.

Tlaib also seemed unaware of McKenna's background when she described her as a "converted conservative and a reformed Marxist," with no mention of her radio job.

Watch how McKenna and old friend Rep. Glenn Grothman work the Committee: Porter (McKenna) very selectively stuck to the outdated report from the United Kingdom's Royal College of Physicians back in 2016 (at 1:23 in the video) that determined e-cigarettes weren't harmful. Tricky. Of course that's well before any actual long term and thorough research was enacted, and certainly well before profiteers found ways to contaminate the product with their own untested ingredients.

Again, this is Vicki McKenna, the veteran conservative talk show host, disguised as your average small town concerned citizen. She and Grothman both made outrageous statements.

Grothman said THC cannabis cartridges in the medical marijuana program may have been a mistake because they opened the door for contamination and abuse. Huh?

The fact is, vaping just started harming users after years of being on the market, so it has to be something else. It's not THC capsules, because they have been a successful part of the medical cannabis program. Vicki is right to say that it has to be something that was added to vaping cartridges. And yes, more government long term testing of the effects, and then possible control of the product is a no brainer.


  1. Wonder how much Juul or some other vape company is paying Her Ickiness to go to DC and spew her BS. Because in the great words of Diamond Dave "SHE DON'T WORK FOR FREE!"