Friday, January 25, 2019

The Brutal Underlying Trump Attitude over the Government Shutdown.

As I was finishing this post, Trump announced an agreement to end the government shutdown for 3 weeks!!!

Just add another unforgettable Trump moment burned into our national consciousness. And Trump's legacy of horrors is still getting a big thumbs up from Republicans voters who are to simpleminded to sweat the details.

What Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the other day, without question, is how the Trump administration talks behind closed doors. Tell me again why we shouldn't put in place a "Wealth Tax" and/or a 70 percent tax bracket for the rich. These people feel so invincible that they're outright using Americans as hostages to sacrifice for their cause.

It's impossible for most of us to think like this, unless of course your total worth is around $8 billion like Ross':
Ross: “Put it in perspective: You’re talking about 800,000 workers and while I feel sorry for individuals who have hardship cases, 800,000 workers if they never got their pay ― which is not the case they will eventually get it ― but if they never got it, you’re talking about a third of the percent on our GDP. So it’s not like it’s a gigantic number overall.”
Or this gold nugget of wisdom, suggesting government workers have a lot of spare time to apply for a temporary loan (if they even qualify) and then spend a few months paying it back with interest:
Andrew Ross Sorkin: “There are reports that there are some federal workers who are going to homeless shelters to get food.”

Ross: “Well, I know they are but I don’t really quite understand why because ... the obligations that they would undertake say borrowing from the bank or credit union are in effect federally guaranteed,” Ross responded. “So the 30 days of pay which some people will be out ― there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t be able to get a loan against it.”
Here's the video clip that will mark a specific low point in American history where money and power started exacting its toll on human life and our economy without conscience:

Trump's reaction? Glad you asked...

US Director of the Economic Security Council Larry Kudlow thinks volunteer federal workers are there out of the kindness of their hearts without pay. Wow. Like one person said on Twitter:
"Wilbur Ross doesn’t understand why fed employees don’t just go get a loan. — Trump literally does not understand mortgages. — Kudlow thinks feds are working out of respect like they are serfs."

I put together a few selective cuts from NPR audio of government workers telling their story. The consequences are devastatingly diverse and heartbreaking.

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