Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Grothman wants to stiff out-of-work Federal Employees used as hostages by Trump for backpay.

I'm watching in stunned horror how this government shutdown is ruthlessly dismissing federal workers financial responsibilities, destabilizing their lives, families, and living arrangements.

I asked my Trumpian friend in Milwaukee; "What do you think about Fed workers and families with rent, mortgage and car payments, not being able to pay them because of shutdown?" 

This was his answer:
"You know why you and all the other people aren't getting paid.. you know who is getting paid? Illegals 5500 a month they don't miss a check how do you feel about that?"
His answer, Trump's behavior and the whole Republican Party's disinterest, have finally brought clarity to the hard truth; That one grand moment where things will get so bad conservatives will finally see the light...will never happen. There is no misunderstanding their message.

Full disclosure, I work part-time for the federal government, mostly just to stay busy. My friend echoed the same insult that other Trumpian losers are saying to all dedicated public servants making a living...
"Find a different job and not one from the government. There are jobs out there that pay you more but let's be honest none like you want to work at."
Like that? It's like saying government jobs don't mean anything. And that Republican voters know what I and every other government workers should be doing. Yet everything would be so much better with an open free market? Than why the "government" tariffs for protecting intellectual property?

Earlier moments came and went...
1. They were willing to throw 20 to 30 million people off insurance repealing the ACA.

2. They are willing to do nothing at all about the 40,000 gun deaths a year.

3. They are willing to let tens of thousands of people die from preventable diseases a year so cars and businesses pollute more. 
And now captive federal workers are in Trump's crosshairs, just so he can prove how a tough a negotiator and business man he can be. This is a guy who's stiffed his own contractors just to prove he can do it and save a little money. And now its government labors turn.

No, even typically Republican voters in Rep. Glen Grothman's district won't blink an eye at his opposition to federal employee back pay. Seriously, Grothman's brutal backhand to everyday working stiffs might have been unthinkable once, could have even gotten him some bad press. Not anymore. From Upfront with Mike Gousha:
Grothman: "The bill also guarantees pay to the federal employees not working. Now I understand they went through a lot, but it creates the unusual situation given that every employee has expenses, that the employees who are working are not as in good a position as the employees laid off. Which makes no sense at all."

Gousha: "If you are not working, and through no fault of their own, but they still have a mortgage payment, a student loan payment, bills to pay, is it fair to them to not be insured back pay?

Grothman: "It is never...fair. But I think, if you work out some kind of compromise and say, look, you are not working for three months, we will give you 60 or 70 percent of your pay, but to give you 100 percent of your pay if you do not work for 3 or 4 months, seems a little bit not right.

Gousha: "You feel like you are not being empathetic enough?"

Grothman: "I said we could compromise and pay them 50 percent of their pay for not working. I suppose I could vote for that as part of a compromise. A lot of oth
er people out there remember get laid off and they don't get anything, so..."

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