Thursday, April 3, 2008

New GI Bill Too Good For Soldiers

“For Sen. Jim Webb, it's a question of fairness: Why don't veterans of today's armed services get the same benefits the GI Bill provided "the greatest generation" after World War II?” USA Today.

How bad could it be when you consider how those returning GI’s used those benefits to created the great middle class and realized the American dream?

According to the March 29th 2008 USA Today, “defense officials say raising education benefits too much would provide too much of an incentive for service members to leave the military for school at the end of their first tour.”

The grand old party that has made supporting the troops a test of ones patriotism, are bristling over coddling these war heroes with what amounts to another government hand out.

Imagine a soldier leaving the military for a college education, a decent paying job and a family living in an energy efficient house with a picket fence.

That’s way too easy. Next thing you know, they’ll want to start their own company, offer real innovation and perhaps someday compete with the big guys with a much better product.

They may even demand that more of the federal budget be spent in middle class areas all over the country, spending that might cut in to corporate welfare and influence, the life blood of the deserving wealthy elite.

Senator Jim Webb must really hate America and the proud soldiers who will go to war for less.

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