Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fiscal Liberalism A Winner

Madison has a national reputation for being a hot bed for liberalism. The county board and executive are scary liberals, progressives and greens. This political domination has been the butt of jokes by Republicans state and nation wide. This bastion of liberalism is surrounded by a more rural conservative population with strong legislative representation that has at times dominated our state house and governorship.

Having said that, an April 15, 2008 Wisconsin State Journal article reported “Dane County is one of only two counties in Wisconsin, and one of only a handful in the country that has a AAA bond rating. That’s the highest possible grade for fiscal management. The county has achieved the AAA bond rating from Moody’s Investment Service for 27 consecutive years.”

The County save $835,000 after it refinanced it’s long term debt. All without cutting taxes.

Why aren’t all those other Republican counties doing as good as or better than this liberal hell hole?

Dispels that old “fiscal conservative” myth we’ve heard ad nauseam, doesn’t it?

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