Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Death by Ozone

The “National Academy of Sciences reported that short-term exposure to smog, or ozone, is clearly linked to premature deaths that should be taken into account when measuring the health benefits of reducing air pollution” AP

This should not be a surprising statement of fact, but for many years I have always said that the global warming argument has conveniently taken everyone’s eye off the obvious, the air we breathe. What I found startling was the party fighting against this science, White House officials. Are they kidding.

They maintain “that the connection between smog and premature death has not been shown sufficiently, and that the number of saved lives should not be calculated in determining clean air benefits.”

Our own countries leadership is saying that it would be wrong to assume people might be dying from inhaling “nitrogen oxide and organic compounds created by burning fossil fuels. Ozone exposure is a leading cause of respiratory illnesses and especially affects the elderly, those with respiratory problems and children.” They don't even care about the kids.

It’s incredible to think that instead of hedging their bets and playing it safe when it comes to the countries public health, hell my health, they would attempt to diminish the need to cutback air pollution.

There’s no disputing the romantic tapestry ozone unfolds before us. Ah, those colorful breathtaking sunsets. Literally.

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