Thursday, April 24, 2008

Common Sense v Republicans

What is happening politically in north eastern Wisconsin easily mirrors the electoral process in every other state. The rhetoric never changes.

I hope to change the frame of these clich├ęd arguments, so Democrats can more easily win over the voter.

Take for instance the race in Green Bay between former Republican Alderman Chad Fradette and incumbent Democrat Sen. Dave Hansen.

Fradette said he wants to restore “common sense” to state government. That would require him to vote with the Democrats. Take for example a Democratic “common sense” proposal to increase the hospital tax.

“Common sense” would require state Republicans to lift their opposition to a hospital tax that even state hospitals and business organizations fully support. In fact, a poll of 400 likely voters found that 75 percent support a proposed hospital assessment. More than half of those who vote Republican supported the assessment”. That’s just “common sense” to the electorate.

Maybe challenger Fradette could explain the “common sense” approach the Republicans used to be in session only 27 days over the last 15 months, considering tax payers paid them full time salaries and benefits. That’s second from the bottom of any Assembly or state House in the country. Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch declared the two-year session a success. “Common sense” would tell me we’re getting ripped off.

Perhaps Fradette could use a little “common sense” explaining why Senate Democrats were wasting our time pushing universal health care reform, dramatically reducing our out of pocket spending on premiums. Only in the Republican mind, hell only in the U.S., would it be horrific to force people to have health care. “Common sense” would tell you otherwise.

Fradette even criticized the capital city, Madison, because it’s politically liberal. Someone made a big mistake voting it the best in the country numerous times. “Common sense” would tell us Green Bay should be so lucky.

Fradette criticized Democrats for voting "to increase corporate and oil taxes." Since around two thirds of the states major corporations don’t pay any taxes, “common sense” would anger enough taxpayers to say, “Hell yea, they should pay their fair share.”

And when it comes to promising college tuition benefits to injured veterans at state schools, Fradette should ask his fellow right wingers why they didn’t provide the state funding to back up their sentiment. “Common sense” would say that was pretty shameful.

Sen. Dave Hansen isn’t off the hook either. His response "We protected the environment, we've grown jobs … worked on improving health care … worked hard to help middle income families and seniors…we protected the taxpayers” are cereal box slogans.

“Common sense” is the frame Republicans can’t defend against. Use it, promote it, breath it, live it and say it.

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