Thursday, April 10, 2008

Florida Says, Forget Your Daughter, Take Your Guns to Work

Florida lawmakers passed, what I like to think is our nations final few steps toward our chaotic destruction, the long awaited "take your guns to work" law.

Backed by the National Rifle Association, the disgruntled employee act would prohibit business owners from banning guns kept locked in motor vehicles on their private property. There are those who would try to confuse the gun issue with endless studies showing how again and again job sites where guns are permitted are more likely to suffer workplace homicides than those where guns are prohibited.

I hope you don’t mind if I use a favorite Republican cliché here by suggesting if “the employers don’t like it, they can move to another state.” For the NRA, it looks like the grand old party would even trample on the rights of property owners, a valued constancy at one time.

Who will have the right to bring guns to work? Employees, customers and anyone invited to stop by, as long as they have a permit to carry the weapon.

But if guns make us so much safer, why did the law exempt nuclear power plants, prisons, schools and… homeland security? Shouldn’t homeland security be armed and ready to protect us?

Let’s review why Florida is such a fun place to live. They allow concealed weapons; the “make my day” law gives you the right to shoot first even if you feel threatened by an unarmed loud mouth; and at last, the right to “take your guns to work.”

If you’re a gun toting freak of nature, Florida might truly be heaven on earth, or at least the quickest way to get there.

And if you always thought “old people went to Florida to die,” you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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