Monday, April 7, 2008

Cross-dressing Children Threaten Insecure Bible Stations

Reedsburg, Wisconsin’s Pineview Elementary school was having fun celebrating their annual school tradition called Wacky Week, where kids wore costumes and had fun. On Friday, they had the choice of dressing as a senior citizen or member of the opposite sex.

This wonderful local event turned on its ear when some disgruntled bigot decided to call Milwaukee’s bible thumping hate mongers at the Voice of Christian Youth America. Their nine state stations blasted the elementary school, under the guidance of God’s own gay bashing vigilante, program director Jim Schneider. Whipping the parents up into a fevered frenzy, they criticized the dress-up day, accusing the school of promoting alternative lifestyles. You know that dangerous gay lifestyle some think the bible condemns.

Despite the fact that public schools do not promote a specific religion, Jim Schneider thought otherwise. "Our station is one that promotes traditional family values. It concerns us when a school district strikes at the heart and core of the Biblical values.” Again, this was Wacky Week, with children dressing…wacky.

And on the subject of kids dressing like the opposite sex, Schneider couldn't help but force his own brand of discriminating religion on the innocent. “To promote this to elementary-school students is a great error. There are parents, taxpayers who do not appreciate the imposition of a particular lifestyle being portrayed as a normal lifestyle for the kids."

If that were the case, he might have a homophobic laced point. But since the intent of the event was clear, the school plainly notified the parents and no one voice a concern, the community standard had been met. Only one person complained, after the fact, because they felt a bit uncomfortable about Wacky Weeks supposed hidden agenda.

After the station whipped the locals into an anti-gay frenzy, the school and the Reedsburg School District office were flooded with complaints. Suddenly, out of no where, a problem cropped up in Reedsburg that took everyone by surprise. Is it possible the Voice of Christian Youth America may have suggested something dark and sinister in their broadcast?

Principal Tammy Hayes said Friday's dress-up day came from the students. "I feel awful for the kids. They did not mean anything by this day. They were trying to have fun and come up with a fun dress-up day."

About half of the students who did dress up came as granny and gramps, and the other half turned gay instantly.

As for Principal Hayes, "I can assure you we will not be having this day (again)."

The bible bullies use of the First Amendments free expression of religion guarantee to promote their narrow hate filled reading. It should not be forgotten. Dividing a community, turning neighbor against neighbor, and promoting sexual discrimination should be more than enough to challenge the license holder of these stations. Enough is enough.

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