Friday, April 11, 2008

Isn't It About Time We All Had Guns?

Apple pie, baseball and the neighborhood kids playing cops, cowboys and war heroes innocently in the nation’s perfectly mowed backyards. That’s America.

And how could a man ever forget his boyhood memories of a warm cap gun and the smell of freshly burned gun powder? He would never allow those years of care free play give in to the rage he feels over having less and less control over his life.

For those who can’t let go, there are real hand guns. They’re normally safe to have around, except when a child plays with one and it accidentally goes off, a family member resorts to suicide, an ex-employee wants to see his co-workers one last time, an abusive husband has had enough or maybe, just maybe you’re the surprise victim of road rage.

Take the L.A. teenage driver killed in a car-to-car shooting at a freeway off-ramp. One of several recent fatal roadway attacks in California. In this case, a car pulled up alongside hers and someone fired about five rounds from a medium-caliber gun.

Car-to-car shootings are not uncommon in southern California now. They have had a spate of shootings on major roadways; at least five other people have died in recent weeks. Among the victims were a 54-year-old chiropractor shot in the head; a 26-year-old man, two teenage boys and a freeway driver shot dead with his two children in the car. And they’re all unrelated.

It’s just a matter of time before we’re all forced, that’s right, forced to carry handguns. You just never know when you'll be blamed for driving to slow in the left lane.

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