Monday, May 10, 2021

Steil and Gallagher, defending Corporate Tax Cut by spreading fear of "Communist China," and opposed to spending taxpayer money on taxpayers!

My QAnon friend is now obsessed with capitalism, texting me about it all the time. It's a simple way for him to always call me a "communist." It's the hot word on the right, which they over use as a substitute for real thinking. But capitalism hasn't worked out so well for the American people or their living standard. Thom Hartmann put it this way:
It's when giant corporations are able to control government and thus stop things like a national healthcare system, rational gun control laws, free college, or even the tiniest tax on carbon. When they're able to push through "criminal justice reform" that makes it nearly impossible to prosecute corporate CEOs when their companies kill workers, consumers, or even poison entire communities.

It's when they don't do it through presenting strong and defendable ideas in the public realm and before Congress, but by pouring cash into the pockets of individual politicians and their parties. It's when corporations and the very rich have seized control of the political process through the use of their considerable economic power.  When government gives corporations this core power to write laws, and, in exchange, corporations facilitate government power to suppress dissent and marginalize non-fascist political parties, a country finds itself on the edge of classical fascism.

Late Stage Capitalist Republican Millennials (1981-1996): Boy do they love the fantasy 1900's they've created. But they never noticed that we're 21 years into 21st century; cell phones, computers, the internet?  

Voodoo Economic Republican's Bryan Steil and Michael Gallagher: How intellectually stunted are these backward thinking 1900's holdouts? Check out their monied know, who they hang with
"A Milwaukee event held at the offices of The Bradley Foundation, and co-hosted by the right-wing Institute for Reforming Government..."
Steil's Nonsensical Word Salad: Funny how spending taxpayer money on actual taxpayers is a waste of money  and considered "welfare." Watch Rep. Bryan Steil falsely claim Biden's "tuition free" college plan is a federal "one-size-fits-all" debacle; or that it takes away "our well tailored workforce needs" in Wisconsin; or that we need to "make sure we keep our education system locally controlled"? Wrong. It's just 2 years of paid tuition at community colleges!!! Sorry, this was a simple one. Capitol City Sunday:

Biden Plan-Tax the Rich Now, Tax everybody else Next? According to Steil, the government is coming for you next, that's the threat he'd like you to believe it. It's best to keep the wealthy's tax cuts folks, or your next:
Steil: "Today it's high earner income, tomorrow it's everyone in Wisconsin...It would only be a quick bait-and-switch to realize that today he's going after the top 1 percent, tomorrow he'll be coming across for all Wisconsinites to pay for this reckless spending." 
Steil Supply Sider; More tax cuts for business, same old 1900's thinking: 
Steil: " COMMUNIST CHINA has a 25 percent corporate're going to see jobs leaving our state and going to places like COMMUNIST CHINA.  What I think is really missing is leveraging the American private be able to take us to the next level, bring jobs here to the state of Wisconsin, allow people to get a high paying job in the state."
Even after Trump tax cuts increased the US debt by $2 trillion, spending money now on people and investing in America is just too costly, even though consumers make up 70 percent of the economy. Now deficits matter:

Steil: “I hold real concerns that we are going to enter an inflationary period sooner than the Fed is projecting. And that is more pressure as to why we have to address the level of spending we are seeing in D.C.”

Borg-like Rep. Michael Gallagher on same page: The bottom line is, don't spend forward or invest, but cut taxes and leverage the power of business welfare.

Force labor back to work. That's the Republican message, and because they never believed in the pandemic in the first place, it's as simple as flicking a switch. No growing pains, no reluctance to safely return, no thought of consumer uncertainty, and don't wait for them to get their 2 vaccines...just get back to work. 

Gallagher and Steil are eerily the same; " leveraging/incentivize the American private sector." Here and Now:

Gallagher: "If we have an uncompetitive tax code, relative to our international competitors, like COMMUNIST CHINA...we're going to see a ton of Wisconsin jobs get outsourced overseas...we should be incentivizing American manufacturing..."

One more thing: If Biden hadn't prioritized returning tech jobs and semiconductor manufacturing back to the US, it would have never been on Gallagher's and Steil's radar. 

Gallagher: "I support an area of bipartisan agreement where we can invest in the technology of the future..."

Yet a week ago state Republicans trashed VP Kamala Harris' Wisconsin visit promoting technology, centered around the University of Wisconsin and so many other local tech businesses. This is governing confusion, Republican style: 

Harris said the U.S. has fallen behind in recent years and that it must be able to compete — with universities playing a big role — to pursue innovation that will improve the lives of American families.

Two Wisconsin Republican legislative leaders sent Harris a letter criticizing her for not visiting southern border states. “We appreciate the visit to Wisconsin; but, respectfully, you have much bigger problems to deal with right now,” Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson called Biden’s plan a “boondoggle” and said he was interested to see how Harris justifies the spending. “Instead of creating more opportunities, it will kill people’s jobs, increase their taxes, and further implement radical leftists’ agenda. Happy to have her visit Milwaukee, but she really ought to inspect the crisis President Biden created at the border.”

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