Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Scott Walker's "Malignant Projection" off the charts!

It's already a troubling reality that Democrats are nearly incapable of framing a message around highly popular legislative changes to improve life for the American people. 

But now Democrats have to combat "malignant projection," a term I thought I made up all by myself, until I found it at psychcentral; 

"It is a malignant projection of the narcissist's own contempt, lack of merit, and darkness which they choose to dump on their victims."
The best way to describe this: Projection is the adult version of I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I. 

Scott Walker Warns of Power Grab by Ending the
 Filibuster: Ironic right? This from the guy who, before he left office, signed lame duck legislation stealing much of the incoming Democratic Governor's power away. You'll notice his focus in NOT on policy, but POWER; that only conservative originalist Justices know how to interpret the Constitution; or that liberals "on the left" focus on power 24/7 by trying to stop voter suppression and to stop Republicans from stealing a presidential election. 

Example - Power Grab, Republican style: Speaking of who wants power in the hands of the few...

Even after attempting to overturn an election via an insurrection at the nations Capitol, endless voter recounts in only Democratic districts, and a red state movement of voter suppression laws, "Who are you going to believe, me, or your lying eyes?"
Walker: "What they (Dems) really want to do, is consolidate power in Washington in the hands of the few." 

There you go, malignant projection!

Liberals Focus on Power, not Work and Family, like "the Right?" Walker says the "right," made up of real hard working, national anthem standing Americans...
"...want to run their business, you want to pursue your career, and most importantly you want to spend time with your family, friends and your faith. And we don't think about it (power) all the time."
Walker's Malignant Projection: See if this doesn't just describe Walker, but Trump and every other Republican troll:
They are masters of projection, spewing their issues onto others in order to avoid the truth about themselves. Many have been on the receiving end of this destructive envy as well as malignant projections. This is part of the emotional torment they subject their victims to.

1. It is always “opposite day.” 

2. Narcissists call intelligent and successful people lazy and moronic, claim loving, compassionate and empathic people are monsters. 

3. They will often try to convince you that you are the opposite of what you really are. A narcissists malignant projections have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. 

4. It is a malignant projection of the narcissist’s own contempt, lack of merit, and darkness which they choose to dump on their victims. 

5. This is psychological violence – when the narcissist attempts to rewrite reality and present a perversion of what is true to instill a sense of worthlessness in their targets. When faced with a projection like this, remember that the insults the narcissist uses to attack you better describes them.

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