Monday, May 3, 2021

Even after Act 10, Vos Still Blaming the Teachers Union? Who's buying it?

Old talking points never die.

After Scott Walker's union busting Act 10 legislation passed, you'd think Republicans would have just deep-sixed their old argument that teachers were nothing but union thugs marching in lockstep. Nope.

Unions were no longer relevant thanks to Act 10: 

The law weakened unions by implementing mandatory annual recertification elections and prohibiting paycheck deductions for union dues collection. It also eliminated teachers' and other public employees' rights to bargain about pay, hours and other conditions of employment.
So where's the problem? 

Bashing Teachers and Unions still a Voter Favorite? Just listen to WI's cosplay governor Robin Vos. It's an incoherent rant of disconnected thoughts focusing on the vilification of any citizen or group willing to fund a candidate Republicans don't like. Vos even laments how the First Amendment victimized their candidate. It was a 200,000 vote blowout: 
Underly received 586,286 votes, or 57.66% of the total, while Kerr received 386,392 votes, or 42.34% of the total, as reported by the Associated Press.
Despite the blowout, Vos is still blaming the teachers union because it's a fan favorite? Note: Vos also drags out Trump blowback, special interest donors out of state, lies and misconceptions about what's happening in WI, kind-a like Vos doesn't see the consequences of his party's actions. From Upfront:
Vos: "At the end of the day, we know that Jill Underling and HER ALLIES are BEHOLDEN TO THE TEACHERS UNION, they're not going to worry about what the parents think or the voters, they're going to worry about their taxpayers that fund their campaign through the teachers union. That's the ones they're worried about. So I think that's a sad commentary, but then again, I believe in the First Amendment, people have a right to do it, but they don't get to take credit for the policies that are enacted, all they get to do is take credit for the success of raising huge amounts of resources from special interests to spread lies about Republicans.

For Vos, it's crazy to think Underly's vision, described as her "agenda," was more popular than Kerr's transphobic vision made up of private and religious indoctrination centers. :
Vos: "It's because of the "AGENDA" that is "SEEMS" DPI is fostering, it's not about trying to find the best results for schools...putting more money into DPI seems like the same old same old, with now real successes to point to...not a Madison bureaucracy beholden to the teachers union."  
Uh, Act 10 Robin? Never mind...

Don't pay any attention to the GOP's weak opponent Deb Kerr, who after major missteps, simply lacked voter support. It's never about their unpopular agenda:
Kerr’s campaign was marked by a series of missteps, most notably when Kerr, who is white, tweeted that she had been called a racial slur for Black people when she was 16 because “my lips were bigger than most and that was the reference given to me.” Her campaign manager and attorney quit.

Underly accused Kerr of being transphobic over her support for bills that would prohibit transgender girls from playing on girls sports teams … Kerr had a 10-year-old financial scandal at her former district. Kerr said Underly was in the pocket of the teachers union.

Kerr’s campaign won the backing of former Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

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