Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Ron Johnson: "Best example yet of Systemic Racism and Subliminal Racism!"

From day one I made it a point to never call Dumb Ron Johnson a "Senator," because he was just too stupid and unqualified. Exhibit A: His rabid opposition and cluelessness about the ACA. Remember, this was the driving force behind Johnson running for Senate:

The U.S. should rip up the (ACA) and emphasize free-market principles such as health savings accounts (HSA) and out-of-pocket charges, Johnson said. Johnson credits HSA's for pushing consumers to get more attuned to the real cost of care. 

Johnson liked HSA's, accounts that helped pay for high out-of-pocket deductibles. In the Tweet below, guess what Johnson didn't like about the "Affordable Care Act?" Yup, high deductibles (Note: It did lower costs):

"Best example yet of Systemic Racism and Subliminal Racism!" Dumb Ron Johnson has been that white grievance tea party loser waiting to go off, and his fellow Republican colleagues warned us:

Below is the initial Johnson comment. I also included the commentary that adds additional facts; Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes' reaction; Johnson's subsequent radio denial where he said it "fires me up more"; 

NOTE: Incredibly, the number of BLM deaths during the protests were...deaths of the protesters themselves. And this happened over many months, not ONE DAY. BLM protests were demanding police reforms, not the overthrow of our democracy:
Johnson also cited 25 deaths being tied to the protests. Data from the nonprofit Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project show of the 25 people whose deaths were tied to protests or political unrest, nine were Black Lives Matter demonstrators and two were conservatives killed after pro-Trump rallies.

A review of the 2020 summer protests showed 93% of the protests remained peaceful and nondestructive. Out of 10,600 total protests; 7,750 protests connected to Black Lives Matter. It found about 220 locations where the protests became “violent.” "Over 10,100 of these — or nearly 95% — involve peaceful protesters. Fewer than 570 — or approximately 5% — involve demonstrators engaging in violence," the report said.

 In ONE DAY, insurrectionists demanded overturning a presidential election:

A white crowd that marched to the U.S. Capitol to overturn a presidential election and triggered an assault that left five people dead, 140 police officers injured and windows smashed.
Johnson, the Victim, being "silenced?":

Here's Matt Lewis, a former conservative Daily Caller columnist criticizing Johnson's racism on Morning Joe:

Bonus: Rep. Glenn Grothman piles on additional racist meme to BLM, because there's no hiding Republican hate. BLM "doesn't like the old fashioned family:"


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