Thursday, March 4, 2021

Party of Political Punishers!

It's getting national attention now that gerrymandered Republicans are no longer held accountable by their voters, so they can use the Senate filibuster to obstruct anything:

Republicans didn't run on anything, but they did run AGAINST everything. And that's all they have left. Authoritarian much? 

Punishment or Comply: It's so bad that if you don't comply with Trump-Republican memes, lies, and party Neanderthals, expect to be penalized harshly and minimized as an American. 

Punishment #1: Attack Transgender Athletes

 States proposing similar penalties are having one big problem though...

Plus, there are rules in place...
The legislation would go against guidance from high school and collegiate sports associations. The NCAA has allowed transgender athletes who have undergone hormone treatment to be able to compete for a decade  "Transgender girls who medically transition at an early age do not go through a male puberty, and therefore their participation in athletics as girls does not raise the same equity concerns that arise when transgender women transition after puberty," the association wrote.
Women are Weak and Can't Compete? Without saying a woman's place is in the kitchen, one female Republican state legislator made that point very clear:
Rep. Janel Brandtjen, R-Menomonee Falls, said, “That’s the biology, the reality. And honestly, you’ll ruin women’s sports forever. Why would you compete if you knew you couldn’t win? 
Punishment #2: Schools that opted out of In-person classes: This is just weird. Besides ignoring local control, they are also ballsy enough to deny the obvious, while arrogantly demanding things be done the "right" way: 

Republicans rejected the notion they were punishing anyone, saying they were simply providing an incentive to return to in-person learning. “I get the spin. I get the politics. That's what we do here,” said Republican Rep. Mark Born, a committee co-chair. “(But) this is for the folks who are doing the right thing to educate our kids in the classroom.”
Punishment #3: High Voter turnout must be Suppressed: Even after 10 years of Republican written voter suppression laws, we still don't have it right, and people still don't have confidence in the election? 
Sen. Alberta Darling said far too many people have sincere concerns about our electoral system. These bills will help restore trust and make sure our elections are handled fairly for everyone." Sen. Duey Stroebel argued public confidence in election is "at a crisis point."

Besides limiting voting drop boxes to just one per community, requiring them to be attached to the municipal clerks office, absentee voting would be restricted for "election integrity" of course: 

Urban Milwaukee: Republicans like Scott Walker and Reince Priebus, each with robust histories of absentee voting, now oppose it in the name of “election integrity.” Their real concern seems to be that absentee ballots will increase Democratic Party votes at the expense of Republican.


And nationally, out of Georgia:

Jennifer Ruben: It was a blunder, a gratuitous act that revealed not only their animus toward democracy but their lack of simple human decency. The Georgia bill threw in a provision to ban anyone from giving water or snacks to people standing in line to vote. It was a political error born of Republicans’ own arrogance and inhumanity. And it may cost them greatly in the battle over voting rights. President Biden declared, “It’s sick. It’s sick. You don’t need anything else to know that this is nothing but punitive designed to keep people from voting. You can’t provide water for people about to vote? Give me a break.”

The water provision is mean-spirited and blatantly punitive, instantly recognizable as a Jim Crow tactic designed to make people miserable. In the effort to show the law has nothing to do with voting security, Exhibit A may be the water provision

Punishment #4: Unmasking/Bullying: Don't be fooled when Vos Republicans say they recommend CDC guidelines for wearing a mask, it's total BS judging by their own actions. Bullying Democrats into a room full of unmasked Republicans is sweet revenge:

"So just to be clear, you're going to enforce somebody to wear a jacket in their office, but not have somebody wear a mask in the chamber. Is that correct?" Larson said.

"That is correct, senator. Those are not in the rules. Wearing of a coat is," Kapenga said.
"Do you feel safe on the Senate floor?" WISN 12's Kent Wainscott asked Larson.

"No, no. And that is the only time since the guidance came out that I had been inside a place where there was folks without masks," Larson said. "I would much rather turn in our jackets for masks and things that actually make sense to keep each other safe."
Punishment #5: Whitesplaining Black History Month Honorees: Republicans refused to recognize the month if they didn't get their way. They showed them:
JSOnline: Rep. David Bowen, Sen. LaTonya Johnson, Rep. LaKeshia Myers and Taylor said white Republican legislative leaders again sought changes to a resolution proposed by the Black caucus before allowing the measure to be put on the Assembly's calendar. Myers said GOP leaders wanted to remove names from the list, including Stacy Abrams, and add names, including Sen. Julian Bradley, who is the first Black Republican in the Wisconsin Senate.
UPDATE: 3/16/2021: Then this happened: 

Punishment #6: Democrats are Marxists, Defeat their Agenda: But nothing Democrats want to do is good, so Republicans must block and destroy their attempts to destroy America. Rep. Glenn Grothman explained the twisted thinking of QAnon believers everywhere. WKOW:  

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