Friday, March 12, 2021

Party of Political Punishers...continues!

This is part of the continuing series, Party of Political Punishers!

New story about declining Medicaid expansion as punishment here

A Quick Review: Punishment or Comply: It's so bad that if you don't comply with Vos-Republican demands, lies, or to party Neanderthals, expect to be penalized harshly and minimized as a Wisconsinite. Here's what I covered in the first "Punisher" post:

Punishment #1: Attack Transgender Athletes

Punishment #2: Schools that opted out of In-person classes.

Punishment #3: High Voter turnout must be Suppressed.

Punishment #4: Unmasking/Bullying, Suing to end Emergency Policy.

Punishment #5: Whitesplaining and Rejecting Black History Month Honorees.


Then this happened...

NEW! Punishment # 6: Wisconsin cities that cut their law enforcement budgets would get cutoff from state funding: 
WPR: Republican proposal...Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, a retired police officer and one of the bill’s sponsors, said communities that choose to "slash" police budgets should face a "financial consequence."
Gov. Tony Evers has opposed drastically decreasing or eliminating police department budgets, but has also said communities should look into ways of preventing crime through social services, rather than traditional law enforcement.

"We’ve got to leave room to protect taxpayers, we’ve got to leave room to not hurt communities because they’ve been successful in using approaches that matter," said Sen. Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee.

Punishment # 7: Vos wants iron fisted Control of COVID Relief Funding: Vos-Republicans didn't do anything for over 10 months in 2020, even during a pandemic for god's sake. When they did return from vacation, they killed the mask mandate. Imagine having control over the COVID-19 relief funding...remember, this happened in Michigan: 

So even while Vos Republicans wiped out the mask mandate and allowed legislative sessions to be held without masks, these punitive ghouls want to hold the governor hostage to their agenda too, by taking control of the COVID relief funding: 

Days after announcing they would throw out Gov. Tony Evers’ budget and start over from scratch, Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos put out a bill aimed at taking away some of the control from the Evers administration over $5.5 billion Wisconsin is slated to receive from the federal COVID relief bill being debated in Congress.
Punishment #8: Incite Violence against Women's Choice Clinics: Brutal, not leaving anything to the imagination:
Punishment #9: Undermine Integrity of Elections with Facebook's Villainous Mark Zuckerberg Conspiracy Theory: Resurrecting and questioning an already decided issue by the courts just to pile on and undermine our faith in elections is sooooo obvious. First, they only invited like minded conservatives at their hearing, and second, featured a disgruntled election official who told her story to a conservative news outlet:
WPR: Former Green Bay municipal Clerk Kris Teske raised issues with the funding an one email. The emails were published by Wisconsin Spotlight, a website run by the conservative organization Empower Wisconsin,
Then Republicans brought back a grifting lawyer who already lost these same cases:
A Republican attorney who tried unsuccessfully to overturn the results of Wisconsin's 2020 presidential election told GOP lawmakers newly released emails showed a group with ties to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had too much influence over the voting process in Green Bay last year. Erick Kaardal, an attorney for the conservative Thomas More Society filed two lawsuits … lost both cases, one in state court and one in federal court. He also filed and lost similar lawsuits in other swing states.

Democrats accused Republicans of revisiting a debunked conspiracy theory by rehashing a failed court case involving an election they already lost. "Today’s first Republican witness lost a lawsuit over these grants before the November 2020 election even took place. Kaardal’s track record around the 2020 election is so unreliable that a federal judge has referred Mr. Kaardal for disciplinary action,"
the Democratic lawmakers said.

There is one more punishment, but that deserves its own post; losing $1.6 billion of our own federal taxes to expand Medicaid (BadgerCare) because it's "welfare." That's right, providing pain and life saving medical care is considered welfare. It's just like the fake pandemic and mask tyranny of Democratic politicians to ultimately destroy the U.S. economy. Republicans insist health care is a privilege.  

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