Friday, August 17, 2018

Vukmir admits: Okay with out-of-state billionaire buying her off!!!

"Lying Leah" Vukmir hoped no one would remember. The story below from AP remembers.

This time, while now groveling at the feet of Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein, she's pretending to have never bashed him for supporting her former opponent Kevin Nicholson (Uihlein spent $3.3 million to support Nicholson). Now all of a sudden, an interfering "out of state mega-donor" is good? Wow, "leaves a bad taste in the mouth...," and it pretty much says she was lying, feigning phony ourtrage over being bought off by Uihlein.

This is just too sweet to pass up. What a train wreck (not that GOP voters care):
A week after accusing a billionaire donor of attempting to buy a Wisconsin U.S. Senate seat, Republican nominee Leah Vukmir is now hoping to persuade the same Illinois businessman to open his wallet for her campaign against Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin ... megadonor Dick Uihlein spent nearly $11 million on the race for Nicholson and now ... "I hope that he will want to continue with his commitment ... Let's face it: He wants to defeat Tammy Baldwin."
Ready for it...
That's not what Vukmir was saying last week on "The John Muir Show." "I think it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of people that a particular out of state donor is spending as much money as he is to, in essence, almost try and buy a Senate seat and that's not what Wisconsin politics is about."
Nothing saves lives like possibly kicking 20 million off insurance?

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