Thursday, August 30, 2018

Desperate Walker Lobbyists WMC ad lie, get caught, double down and do nothing. Ends justify Means!

Well, this is uncomfortable...and desperate. Walker lackeys apparently don't have anything on Evers:

WMC is wrong, wrong, and wrong again:
JS-Molly Beck: The state's chamber of commerce, WMC, released a new ad this week hitting state schools superintendent and Democratic candidate for governor Tony Evers over giving his staff raises and bonuses instead of putting that money into poorly performing schools. 

But the Legislature and Gov. Scott Walker's Department of Administration have control over such payments, and state law would have prevented Evers from unilaterally taking funding for staff salaries and sending it to schools. DPI spokesman Tom McCarthy said in 2014, the DOA approved retention raises for DPI employees and the Legislature had set bonuses at $2,000 per employee.
Wrong, right? Will WMC kill the ad now exposed as an obvious lie to voters? Nope, in fact, WMC went further, saying it's Tony Evers fault? They said Evers "could have" "had the ability to" "he didn't even try" and "should have tried." You can't make this stuff up:
Nick Novak, spokesman for the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, said Evers should have lobbied the Legislature to move the money anyway. "He could have done this. He had the ability to do this. And he didn't even try," Novak said. "I think he should have tried if he felt strongly about something."
Novak is making stuff up and got caught red-handed creating a fantastical "he could have done this" scenario.  Jaw-dropping, but not unusual for WMC. But lying is now a powerful campaign tactic for Republicans because their voters say they don't care, and WMC's Novak piled on more BS, ignoring the fact Walker and the legislature approved the bonuses, like the headline says. In other words, he's blaming Walker and the legislature for giving bonuses. That's real good reelection message:
Novak said giving bonuses to employees at an agency that oversees public education at a time when dozens of schools are not meeting basic academic standards is unacceptable. 

A spokeswoman for Evers' campaign referred a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter to the DPI. McCarthy said the ad was "laughable. It shows they they don’t understand how the system actually works."
By the way, the "in-kind" coordinated ad with the Walker Campaign about firing teachers for pornography was also a complete fiction. A LIE. And television stations have not pulled it. I think this a major story that will come up sometime when it's too late to make a difference.  

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