Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Trump Republicans Only Value Americans as Workers.

Trump Party elitism couldn't be more clear, especially when they proclaim, "health care is a privilege" because only the monied privileged can get it. Thankfully, Sen. Ron Johnson knows the exact parameters of "freedom" and "rights." Who knew?

And yet there's something incredibly brutal, inhumane, and unethical about taking away health care from those who need it. We're talking about people...Americans. This has nothing to do with unemployment or poverty, just common decency.

The term "work requirement" is a distraction from the grotesque idea of withdrawing actual health care from everyday people, suggesting a person's value in society is based on having a job. As proof, here's what South Dakota wrote in their request for the work requirement:
"South Dakotans value hard work and believe that work can add meaning and purpose to an individual's life."
Work doesn't just "add meaning and purpose to an individual's life," it's the only reason to keep a person alive and well apparently.

This morally repugnant concept went even further. They followed that up with the upside-down nonsense that claims losing health care actually improves your health and empowers you. Yup, just like that feeling of "improved health" and "empowerment" when you give someone holding a gun to your head your wallet and they don't shoot you:
State officials wrote in its application to the Trump administration ... is to "improve the health and wellbeing of able-bodied adult Medicaid recipients while empowering them to obtain full-time meaningful work. Maintaining health coverage is a key tenant of the program," the officials wrote in the application."
Let me get this right; maintaining health coverage is a key tenant and the reason why they're threatening to take it away?

Remember, Medicaid is an insurance plan for the poor and unemployed, or at least it was. Now workers who have multiple low paying jobs have to work more hours or maybe even have to find time to take classes just to see a doctor?
...work at least 80 hours a month, take classes or complete other activities ... parents or caretakers who have small incomes. In South Dakota, a family of three must earn less than $27,159 a year to qualify for Medicaid. Maine, Utah, and Wisconsin, which have not expanded Medicaid, all have work requirement proposals awaiting approval from the Trump administration.
Public Opposition? Who cares, Republicans don't serve anyone but their Party: Like the drooling Trump idol worshipers, political ideology comes first, because things will always get better once their fantasy policies replace real-world problems. Right. These aren't "public servants," these are party servants, and no one cares what we think:
South Dakota noted in its application that the majority of comments it received during the statewide comment period were expressing opposition.
Their response? They know what's best anyway, but thanks for the comments. Still, they "appreciate concerns." How condescending was that?:
"The State understands and appreciates concerns expressed by individuals generally opposed to work requirements or who are concerned about individuals losing Medicaid coverage," the officials wrote, responding to the criticism. "The State has designed the Career Connector program with the intent of preventing anyone making a good faith effort to comply with the program from losing Medicaid coverage due to noncompliance."

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