Thursday, November 18, 2021

Vos-Republicans do nothing, total silence on School board and Election officials Death Threats, no investigations, nothing!

The way I see it, duped QAnon-ish parents that never believed in COVID-19 or that schools should ever have been closed down can't be taken seriously, especially after their embarrassing juvenile outbursts at school boards. Making death threats to elected and volunteer public officials seems illegal, right? Out of San Diago County a scene that no longer shocks us:

The fallout from a racist rant during a San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting has apparently cost comedian Jason Robo a weekly radio gig in northern California.

Death threats, what death threats? Like the Pandemic, Vos-Republicans won't acknowledge or do anything about right-wing death threats to election officials and school board members: Their silence keeps the momentum going for what seems to be a "one-size-fits-all" deadly scheme to win elections nationwide with two "big lies:" a stolen election and CRT. 

The National Parents Union, a parents’ rights group that often opposes teachers’ unions, laid out a vision of the nation’s political future — and a stark warning.

“This is only the beginning of the parent revolution,” said Keri Rodrigues, co-founder and president of the group. “Politicians will have to make a choice: Either work with parents and families on reimagining education, listen to their concerns [and] govern in their best interests ... or get voted out of office.”
Gee, that can't be manipulated by scheming right-wing media and QAnon believers.
1. What, Vos-Republican Election Audit = Death Threats, still No Investigation? After Vos met with Trump, we were suddenly given Gableman's election McCarthyism, and the Kleefisch Lawsuit that is only meant to encourage threats to liberal/conservative election officials...Upfront

2. Pitchfork Opposition to Mythical Critical Race Theory, not taught in public schools: Using their own kids to feign anger and frustration over imagined CRT and "communist indoctrination," Republican legislators aren't out investigating the threats or correcting the lies.  

The recall of four Mequon school board members was based on "issues over critical race theory," which isn't taught, and "disagreements over COVID-19 mitigation efforts" that closed schools during the pandemic which has not gone away. 

And that decline of our kids' education during the pandemic closings...?

Vos-Republicans Feign Outrage over simple Reference to CRT, for votes and UW Defunding: Republicans will be jamming this nonsense down our throats for the cheap thrills their voter's demand. What I've figure out is the subtle omission of the word "supremacist" between the words "white" and "students" in the quote below:  

Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said it was “unacceptable” and “appalling” to mandate training that “instills the university’s negative opinion of white __ students and the idea that students should feel guilty simply because of their race.”
Of course, no one is saying students "should feel guilty," a ridiculous and outright fabrication never corrected by media reporting. You can bet this will result in more death threats.

CRT leads to Banned Books and Burnings: Here's that unbelievable story from Virginia where parents are getting to design curriculum for public education: 

When School Boards Change...: Here's what teachers will be teaching instead, all the while dividing parents from their kids, possibly forever. Really, Trump is still president?:

Heck I might just start threatening school board members.

Arming and the call for War: The Trumpian losers don't know when to stop, when to question, and when to just read the damn story for once instead of the headline:

Kevin Hermening's views on fascism, debating with Ed Fallone, Associate Professor of Law at Marquette University.  From a blog post in 2013:

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