Tuesday, November 2, 2021

The Rittenhouse right-wing circus act begins...

The Kyle Rittenhouse coverage is already treating the suspected killer of 2 young men (Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz) as a gun toting vigilante "hero," or a victim of left-wing media.  

The real heroes were Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber for trying to stop Rittenhouse. 

But, the actual "victims" can't be called victims either. In an amazing tip of his radically conservative judicial activism hand, the judge in the case will allow them to be identified the way Trump would have. 

Kenosha county circuit judge Bruce Schroeder ruled that the men shot by Rittenhouse cannot be described as “victims’’ in court because the phrase is too “loaded” and may sway the opinions of the jury (but) also advised against Rittenhouse’s legal team referring to the men he killed as “looters” and “arsonists” but did not forbid them from doing so – a double standard that props up rightwing talking points about protesters during last year’s summer uprisings against police brutality.
How orchestrated is this jaw dropping defense of Rittenhouse? From an August 26, 2020 post, the Department of Homeland Security spun Rittenhouse as a hero defending small business owners. MSNBC video report:
Guardian: "The Department of Homeland Security prepared talking points sympathetic to the shooter, prepping officials to say that he arrived in Kenosha to defend small business owners. As his case begins, it is clear that he will continue to receive support from many of those embedded in American institutions."

YouTube's latest and stricter policy has banned all publicly recorded proof. And since my last weeklong suspension for simply posting vaccine lies spouted out by politicians, I'm hesitant to even post a digitally obscured video of the shooting to highlight the audio showing the real reason Rittenhouse was pursued by other protesters; to stop him from shooting other people. 

I even pixelated the video, leaving the audio only, but I just don't want to take the chance with YouTube.

In the beginning of this video, you can plainly hear people asking what was going on after Rittenhouse was seen shooting someone ...
Protester 1: "What'd he do?

Protester 2: "He shot someone!"
Again, why would a person with a skateboard pursue a guy with a high velocity weapon? To stop them. 
Despite purposefully crossing state lines armed with a semi-automatic rifle, Rittenhouse has been treated, before and after the act, with an alarming degree of grace.
Rittenhouse Store: This happened, not the Onion:

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