Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Snap! Dem Governor caught again in GOP School Funding Trap?

The Republican formula is so simple; cut taxes + cut spending = nothing else matters? 

The Vos/Fitzgerald Stunt: Conservative voters love campaign ads ballyhooing how Republicans didn't raise taxes...while at the time they're approving referendums to raise their own local taxes to pay for schools. Huh? Weirder still, their voters still haven't caught on...or have they? Are we that dumb?

Snap! School Funding Trap #1, Governor Doyle: Democratic Governors keep getting lured into the school funding trap. For example, the failed GOP deregulation experiment that caused a global economic collapse, "The Great Recession," forced Governor Doyle to use his veto pen to save our schools...:

WSJ: Former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle used his veto power by stitching together numbers and words from different sentences in order to spend $330 million more than the Legislature intended on K-12 education (taking money from transportation) ...led to voters abolishing what became known as the “Frankenstein veto” via constitutional amendment.
Believe it or not, Republicans continue to brag about protecting transportation funding at the expense of school funding during the Great Recession, and their voters bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Snap! School Funding Trap #2, Tony Evers: After the largest cuts to school funding by any state in the nation, the trap was set for Democratic Governor Tony Evers to pulled out his veto pen so he could fulfill his major campaign promise to restore school funding...snap! How dare he?
Republican lawmakers have introduced a state constitutional amendment that would prevent governors from using their partial veto powers to increase spending in any bills.

The proposal comes less than a week after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers used his veto power in one case to increase school funding by about $84 million more than the Republican-controlled Legislature intended.
Governors Evers Must Be Stopped!!? Since polling indicates that about 60 percent of the public approves of increased spending for schools, just how will our radically right wing gerrymandered safe Republican legislators sell the horrors of Gov. Evers additional funding for schools? A power grab...worse???
State Sen. David Craig, R-Town of Vernon said, “We need to prevent this from ever happening again.” And Rep. Mike Kuglitsch, R-New Berlin, began circulating the amendment for co-sponsors Monday, calling what Evers did a “power grab.”
Either Courts Legislate or Constitutional Amendment = Block Democrats: After 8 years of one party domination, it's laughable to accuse a Democrat of committing a "power grab," which is strange. Evers grabbed power from...or gain power by...adding more school funding?

You can bet Republicans will try to suck the air out of the room when it comes to other big agenda items pushed by Evers with this constitutional amendment distraction. And that's all it is, but will the media fall for it?
“The public should be outraged at the repeated attempts to change the powers of the office because they disagree with how those powers were used,” said Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh.

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