Sunday, July 21, 2019

8 Cent Gas Tax is Bridge to Electric Vehicle Future, and will phase-out naturally over time.

Gov. Tony Evers' proposed 8 cents a gallon increase on gas was a fair way to fund highways, asking everyone who uses Wisconsin roads, local and out-of-state drivers, to pay for repairs and replacement.

The Republican reaction to raising taxes showed the world what really matters them most; politics! Sticking with their no tax pledge, Wisconsinites are now on the hook exclusively for transportation funding and spending every penny of their tax cut savings. Sweet. It also lets interstate drivers off the hook. That's Wisconsin friendly.

Scott Walker/GOP record on Transportation: Note the jump in interest for transportation borrowing. Add to that the Republican fee increases hitting only Wisconsinites:

Fee Increase, No Gas Tax is a Bridge to the Future? The only reason Republicans didn't raise the gas tax; as hybrid and electric cars take over, it would negate any increase in the gas tax.

WPT's Here and Now host Frederica Freyberg argued with Republican Rep. John Nygren that such a changeover and possible new toll road funding was a long way off: 

Gasoline/Gas Tax would phase out Naturally with Increased Electric Vehicle Use!!! My head is exploding over how easy this one is to grasp. Adding an 8 cent gas tax now would pay for our roads until then, creating that "bridge to the future." We would also be making interstate drivers pay as well. Republicans are either this stupid, or they're just trying to sell another ridiculous excuse to their unquestioning voters. Maybe both.

Again, the 8 cent increase would naturally phase out in the changeover, so what's the beef? From Upfront, here's Mike Nichols from the right-wing Badger Institute admitting we're about 20 years out from seeing any major benefits from toll roads or a majority of electric vehicles. Imagine how 8 cents a gallon would help fund transportation in that time. Arrgggggg:

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