Friday, November 16, 2018

The Not-so-Graceful Exit, Walker Exposed!!! He Lost because of Too Many Votes for Opponent?, "Reformed Myself out of a Job," and constructively said Baraboo kids are "idiots?"

Scott Walker has reached a new level of laughable arrogance. His Suessian reasoning bends reality to its breaking point. On the very simple concept of winning or losing an election based on who get more votes, by an electorate seeking a change of direction...:

"It was without a doubt a big election — bigger turnout than ever before — but the numbers we received a week ago Tuesday would have won the election four years ago, would have won the election eight years ago. In no way do I see it as a rejection, but rather just a larger electorate than we've ever seen in the past."
Hold on there. Walker's crazy contradiction is a head spinner: All vote totals went up (even for Walker), so Walker can't dismiss his loss to Evers because of a "larger electorate." Seriously, winning and losing is always based on a "larger" electorate voting for the winner? My head is hurting. Walker's own self-deception is just another red flag:
Walker says his narrow re-election loss to Democrat Tony Evers was not a rejection, but a factor of higher voter turnout going against him.
Walker's Successful 8 Years? Two things; Walker's success was handed to him because of a national economic recovery that helped all states look good; and Walker's often repeated lie that Democrats (especially former Gov. Jim Doyle) were responsible for the global Great Recession and the resulting high unemployment numbers. The media took a pass on correcting him, and voters lazily accepted the dumbest lie of Walker's last 8 years:
“We’re not going to retreat.. the state of Wisconsin is not going to go backwards.”
Nope, even under new Democratic Gov.  Tony Evers, Walker says Republicans won't let Wisconsin going back to the Republican-caused Great Recession.

Riding the national economic recovery...that by itself didn't provide Walker cover for not coming close to fulfilling his promise of 250,000 jobs in his first 4 years, a delusional Walker spun on...

"What have we not done? We’ve been such a reformer, I may have reformed myself out of a job."
Yup, look what he's done; reforms like the largest cuts to education in the nation, the largest corporate handout in the nation (Foxconn), cut public funding to state parks, science out-businesses in at the DNR, abandoned road repairs...a real "reformer."

Walker called Baraboo Students "Idiots," kids who probably reflected Trump/Walker Parents: Did Walker just call your junior high school student an idiot? Not a real mature way of dealing with a much deeper and symptomatic problem. Not "complicated?" Think he'd say something like that before an election? From our uncommitted, no-answer, nasty name-calling governor...

AP: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says high school students who appear to be giving a Nazi salute in a photo are “a bunch of idiots. I think they’re just stupid. I think they’re idiots. It’s as simple as that. I don’t know that it’s any more complicated than that, they’re just a bunch of idiots.”

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