Tuesday, September 28, 2021

WI Republicans push "boondoggle" clown show, even after Arizona audit gave Biden bigger Win over Trump!

ALERT!!! I had to include this incredible comment from Republican Robin Vos that appeared in this mornings paper. Uh, talk about shaping the "fraudit" around this predetermined outcome. WOW:

Vos said, “I am supremely confident that at the end of the day, Justice Gableman will produce a report that will show that there are issues with the 2020 election, where potentially changes could be made to make it better."
Okay then...back to the original post:

For starters, consider this:

Gableman told a group of Trump supporters in November that he thought the election was stolen.

In an interview with Upfront, Gableman "clarifies" his comment by essentially saying it was just raw meat for his audience:

Gableman: "I didn't say it was a stolen election...I can't think of anything more unjust, than a corrupt or unlawful election in a democracy. Whether that occurred here is very much a question to be examined."

Host: "So you're saying you weren't saying that after the election, at a pro-Trump rally, because you believe it was a stolen election?"

Gableman: "I try to be very careful about my words, obviously most of the attendees there had a very particular viewpoint."

Now take a look at this important detail from Matthew Rothschild's recent column, at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign website. This major jaw-dropper about special counsel Michael Gableman's "forensic audit" says it all:

One of the most grotesque things that former Justice Michael Gableman has done recently is to team up with Andrew Kloster, an attorney from the Trump Administration. He’s the guy who sent the email to clerks from an unsecured gmail account.

 An unsecured gmail account? You can't make this stuff up...

Gableman's first email to election clerks confused many, as it came from a Gmail address under the name “John Delta” and contained an attachment. Many counties flagged it as a potential scam and it landed in the junk email folder for others.

Kloster, in an April 12 posting, glorified the Proud Boys and rightwing violence, as Patrick Marley reported in the Journal Sentinel..

Kloster: “We need our irate hooligans (incidentally, this is why the left and our national security apparatus hates the Proud Boys) and our own captured DA offices to let our boys off the hook.”
That quote alone is grounds for Gableman and Kloster to be fired immediately.

Arizona's "audit" didn't put their taxpayers on the hook like Wisconsin's audit, especially liberal and independent voters who are being forced to help pay for the partisan Vos-Republican "boondoggle:" 
Gov. Tony Evers: “It’s a $700,000 boondoggle to prove something that’s already been proven probably 100 times. You don’t have to prove a negative in court, you don’t have to prove a negative in any other place except Justice Gableman’s court here.

I hate to see an inquisition like this, especially when you're being told you have to prove it was a good election. Everybody knows it was a good election."
Even this Republican seems to have had enough:
State Sen. Kathy Bernier, chair of the Senate elections committee: “There is not a reason to spread misinformation about this past election when we have all the evidence that shows otherwise.”
FINAL WORD: Dumb Ron Johnson's know-it-all arrogance betrays the Trump lie. You gotta laugh:

Of course, what Vos-Republicans want to do is drag this to the election next year, keeping the base agitated. 

But even a forensic audit will never be good enough. Take a look at this bizarre reaction out of Arizona:

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