Friday, September 17, 2021

Republican scheme to exploit "enraged" parents over School Mask Mandates; send unmasked kids to Private Voucher Schools.

Well, it didn't take long for Republicans to figure out how to double down on the QAnon parental attack on vaccine and mandatory mask policies. Covid denying Republicans have found another way to exploit this mindless war on public health; let's use the anti-mask movement to send kids to private religious schools and destroy public education.

First, radical Rep. Barbara Dittrich unknowingly revealed the Republican scheme behind her idea:

"Frustration and fear over COVID is detracting from the education of our children!” 

Ain't that the truth. 

Dittrich devised a way to have it both ways, and dissolve public education once and for all. First:

Representative Barbara Dittrich (R – Oconomowoc) said, “Parents are incredibly upset at how their school district is responding to COVID-19. Parents who believe that mandates are not the correct way to go forward are enraged when aggressive actions are taken by the district."

So let's encourage "enraged" misguided and misinformed parents to leave public schools. Yea, that's the ticket:

Representative Dittrich introduced a bill today that will allow for parents to utilize both the Open Enrollment and School Choice programs in this state to protect their children’s medical freedom. If a school introduces mask or vaccine mandates, the parents of a student may move their child to a school, public or private, that more closely holds to their beliefs. 

But wait, parents can pick a public school that "more closely holds to their beliefs...?" Wait, that doesn't make any sense... 

While parents who believe that their district should introduce aggressive mitigation standards feel betrayed when the district does not. 

Adding chaos to more chaos, and with Republican legislators attacking school boards for their mask mandates, let's not punish kids just because their school boards are being punished by Republican legislators:

This bill, also protects students’ ability to play sports once this transfer has taken place. Students should not be punished over the decisions of a school board or even their parents. Protecting the rights, regardless of beliefs towards vaccines and masks, ensures a safe and equitable environment for all. “Protecting the medical privacy and freedom of the citizens of Wisconsin should never take a backseat to frustration and fear.”
What medical privacy? Maybe we should just go to private voucher schools and do away with mandatory vaccines too, for medical privacies sake. 

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