Monday, September 28, 2020

Pompeo's odd journey...


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  1. I'm guessing that Democurmudgeon is presenting this as sarcasm and actually knows what is up. The US military industrial complex needs to perpetuate the unending war on terror to remain the largest US budgetary recipient after Wall Street, therefore an adversary needs to be created and kept at the forefront of the compliant corporate media.

    Lately Russia and now a pivot to China to fear-monger for Trump's campaign for re-election after things have actually started winding down with US instigated Middle East turmoil aside from our NE WI shipbuilders in Marinette and Sturgeon Bay are wrapping up delivery of enhanced cabability LCS gunship sales to the listed country of origin for 2/3 of the 9-11 terrorists, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    War monger WI 8th CD's Mike Gallaghercame out on May 7, toouting his appointment to an all GOP "China Task Force," following his partisan loyalty to ensure his future employment with the MIC, but Professor Richard Wolff has the explanation as to why fascist America (government working exclusively for corporate bottom line interests) is insisting on demonizing and scapegoating China. China is the chief current economic threat to our unmitigated corporatocracy willing to back a potential war with China at our peril, confirmed by no resistance to US based shipbuilders gratefully participating in production meant to perpetuate genocide in Yemen. Ten minutes with Wolff, well worth watching: