Saturday, September 12, 2020

Activist GOP State Supreme Court wants Green Party on Ballot, "everybody needs to get a fair shake." Also, Pandemic wins as In-person Christian Schooling returns.

Isn't it funny you never hear about "judicial activism" anymore, especially when hard core Republican judges and justices are in control of the courts. 

Isn't it obvious by now right-wing legal challenges are fast tracked to the activist State Supreme Court for a predetermined legal outcome? Yes, the scheme is shockingly obvious. 

"Freedom" and "liberty" are the go-to patriotic reasons actual laws are now being struck down, leaving government unable to do anything. Can't stop a pandemic or adhere to basic election law requirements? Nope. 

The Supreme Court ruled Gov. Evers orders to control the pandemic "tyrannical." What's "tyrannical" is a Court that usurps the power of the governor and locally elected officials with flag waving declarations of freedom and liberty,  forget any legal arguments. 

Elect Trump, Vote Green Party: For instance, the Wisconsin Supreme Court halted the distribution of absentee ballots because the 3 Republican election commissioners wanted the Green Party candidates on the ballot to syphon away Biden voters. Gee, I wonder how they'll rule? 

Breaking!!! It's too late?  That's it, none of the other reasons listed below under BREAKING MON 9/14? 
"The state Supreme Court has denied the Green Party's request to place presidential candidate Howie Hawkins on Wisconsin's ballot, ruling it's too late to grant the relief sought. Order clears way for local clerks to begin mailing absentee ballots." Justice Brian Hagedorn broke with his fellow conservatives to form a majority with the court's liberals that kept Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins off the ballot.
Maybe things were looking a little to obvious? It now makes the comments by Republicans con artists so much more revealing doesn't it? Check out pure partisan, not very legal reasons the conservative Justices gave to put the Green Party on the ballot, they're so sad:
1. Roggensack called the Elections Commission "lawless" for keeping Hawkins and Walker off the ballot. "This lawsuit is not about the Green Party sleeping on its rights. It is about the treatment that independent candidates from a small political party received from the Commission, who repeatedly refused to follow the law relative to nomination papers."

2. Ziegler wrote that keeping a worthy candidate off the ballot is "the ultimate voter suppression."
My original post continues...

Imagine a Democrat offhandedly throwing out this flimsy reason to bypass petition requirements:
Republican Commissioner Dean Knudson said it was clear, based on the dates on the ballot petitions, that (VP) Walker had moved on either July 29 or 30. The only fair thing to do, Knudson said, would be to put the Green Party candidates on the ballot. Besides, Knudson said, if the commission didn't do it, the courts likely would. "Everybody needs to get a fair shake," said Knudson,
BREAKING MON 9/14: It took the Washington Post and a note from the Bulwark to get what the local media missed completely. This is pivotal, since it also shows how Republicans, helping the Green Party, love to fast track cases directly to the Supreme Court: 
Questions about the Green Party ballot petition began in August, when a state voter complained that there was a discrepancy in Walker’s address on the party’s signature pages. The campaign said that Walker had moved during the signature-gathering phase. But campaign officials failed to respond to a request from the state elections commission to fix their signature sheets, which they could have done by submitting an affidavit explaining the address discrepancy.

In a report to the Wisconsin Elections Commission ahead of its Aug. 20 meeting, the commission’s staff argued that the affidavit would have “easily cleared up confusion” — but absent that, the commission is left with “legitimate arguments” against the petition’s validity.

Weeks later, the Green Party ticket asked the Supreme Court to intervene. “You get help where you can find it,” Presidential contender Howie Hawkins told The Washington Post when asked whether Republicans had financed the legal action. “They have their reasons and we have ours.” Hawkins’s campaign manager, Andrea Merida, later denied that...
Religious Schools Protected By God from COVID: And then it took just 3 very insecure religious families that were worried their children drift away from Christianity without in-person schooling, to get the court to "block Dane County's ban on in-person classes for grades 3-12 the same day the state had a surge of new COVID-19 cases that has killed nearly 200,000 Americans." 

Yup, religious "freedom," forget about that pandemic thing. Let's see how long those schools stay open. The likely sick children or family deaths will be on the Supreme Court, not that they'll care. They probably had some underlying health issue before they got Covid. 

Like the Milwauke Journal Sentinel email summed up:
The conservative majority's logic, particularly in the Dane County case and a previous decision diminishing the state's ability to lead a coordinated public health response, is rooted in concern for freedom and individual rights

The Difference in Bizarro World: The Court is removing any difference between the extraordinary measures to control a public health crisis and an authoritarian political system grabbing control, ironically like the Supreme Court did when they approved the GOP's lame duck power grab over the governor and AG.  You can't make this stuff up. 

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