Friday, June 12, 2020

Like Trump, Vos denies racist comment blaming "science," and by creating paranoid Gov. Evers conspiracy. Scott Fitzgerald goes along.

When Republicans are exposed by their own racist words, it's the governor's fault...again:
On the secret recording of a phone call last month with Gov. Tony Evers, Vos blamed high numbers of COVID-19 cases in Racine on immigrants.
Here it comes...
Fitzgerald added the recording will “completely erode our ability to work together for the foreseeable future.”
Oh no, not that. Just when you thought the legislature, after all their politically condescending hysterical criticisms and phony outrage, were finally going to get along with the Gov. Evers administration...our dreams were crushed? See if you see any hint of Fitzgerald trying to "work together," or seriously considering pandemic safety precautions:

Rep. Robin Vos blamed Evers who said he didn't know about the recording. Not only that, the recording only came out because of an open records request, not slipped anonymously to the how can you plan that? Still, Vos "suggests" a conspiracy and victimhood, that sends the necessary signal:
“I sincerely doubt that he did not know,” Vos said.
You see, Vos outright blamed Hispanic and Latino immigrants for a spike in Covid-19 cases, you know, because of their "culture." They live "much closer" get his meaning, right?:
"I know the reason, at least in my region," Vos said in the recording, "it's because of a large immigrant population where, you know, it's just a difference in culture where people are living much closer and working much closer."
...from Upfront:

Science, FINALLY: Again weaponizing another racist stereotype, like when Republicans used the high rate of Covid-19 cases in black communities to stoke lockdown resentment in white rural parts of our state:

Vos responded on Twitter, saying: "Listen to what was said and not the sensationalist headline. Facts show communities of color are disproportionally impacted. That's science."
So, is the following just more "science:"
The post shared by Tusler (R-Harrison) features a photograph including of a group of people, primarily African Americans, who appear to be entering a store through a broken window. It reads, "LOOTING: When free housing, free food, free education, and free phones just aren't enough."
Never letting a cheap shot moment go unexploited, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Rep. Vos' created another comically transparent opportunity to whine. In other words, they've got nothing else:

Vos said by refusing to answer who consented, which is required by law, "clearly there is a cover up in progress. I’m waiting to see what Gov. Evers’ actions are. Not his words, I’m sick of words. What are his actions to deal with this clearly, clearly unprecedented breach of trust?”

Fitzgerald said Evers had lost control of his office in an appearance on a conservative talk radio show Thursday. "I think we've got a half-engaged governor with a staff that continues to manipulate. I don't think he's got control. In 26 years in the Legislature, this is one of the most brazen examples of unethical, unprofessional conduct I have ever seen. The governor has gone so far off the deep end, he’s making secret Nixonesque recordings from the East Wing of the Capitol. This conduct is totally unbecoming of our state’s top executive and opens up questions about what other recordings his administration may have.”
Notice how Vos and Fitzgerald spread "uncertainty" with planted "open questions" that are only meant to manufacture conspiracies within their paranoid voter base. Here's my source:

Sadly, and because the Dems continue to play the abused partner in politics, they found the weakest way possible to fight back against this racist assault...
Democratic state Rep. Jonathan Brostoff of Milwaukee said the staff member who recorded the conversation should be fired immediately. Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz, D-Oshkosh, said "It's bush league and amateur to have something like that happen and I do not condone it in any way."
Wow, now that's focusing like a laser on Vos' outrageous racist stereotype? When it comes to framing an issue, Democrats are pathetic!

This is the way to respond:
Less than 24 hours after a recording became public of Assembly Speaker Robin Vos blaming a coronavirus outbreak in Racine County on "immigrant culture," critics have responded with calls for the GOP leader to resign or apologize.

Just another lesson NOT learned. But some were telling it like it is:
Jenny Tasse, a spokesperson with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation said leaders can’t blame one group like immigrants for the coronavirus.
"In the Jewish community we are all too familiar with this dangerous trope. Immigrants are the blood of our communities. Rather than deflect and blame, Speaker Vos should applaud the workers that keep our communities running."
Vos is covering for an unhealthy increase in his district. Heck, he wanted to open early and forever removed the states ability to deal with future pandemics...what, no consequences?
As in Milwaukee, the hardest hit communities in Racine have been communities of color. About 45 percent of the city of Racine’s population identifies as African American or Latino. About 85 percent of the coronavirus cases in the city are people of color, Racine Mayor Cory Mason said in a previous interview with WPR.

In that county, by ethnicity, 23% of positive cases are Hispanic or Latino, 74% are not Hispanic or Latino ... 74% are reported as white, 13% Black and 14% other.

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