Monday, June 8, 2020

Former police officer Sen. Wanggaard part of the problem! So maybe he's the wrong guy for advice on Police Reform, ya think?

When will news media finally realize Republicans don't solve problems, and never will? 

Yet no one seems to have noticed this, all the while Republicans like State Sen. Van Wanggaard, a former police officer, are blocking attempts to reform policing to stop a growing problem that is dividing the nation. Sure, ask a guy who was a part of the problem.

Like the GOP's inaction on mass shootings, Wanggaard is repeating the same insulting talking points; there really isn't a problem, and more impossibly thinks we can change "human nature." In other words, we're not going to do anything. 

The thing is, Wisconsin Republicans have been playing this little trick for years; like saying "they'll look into it," or take the long way starting from scratch instead of relying on successful national and global studies to more quickly reach a solution. Oops, did I say solution? That's a word Republicans don't understand. Like this hard work from a Democrat:
After talking with experts across the country, analyzing best practices of police departments and reading through recommendations including the Police Enforcement Executive Forum’s Guiding Principles on Use of Force and former President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, she first introduced the bill in 2017.
This is a societal problem coming from public law enforcement agencies nationwide. Being public, citizens and their representatives get to call the shots on what is acceptable law enforcement.

Instead of seeing a problem, Wanggaard sees black protesters and supposed ANTIFA infiltrators, quite a different picture than the a few hundred good ole boy protesters carry guns and white nationalist confederate flags demanding we ignore the pandemic and get back to work.

Wanggaard's cheap shot at "liberal activists" says a lot about how seriously he takes an actual global protest. 
"...a scathing response from Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine), accusing them of micromanaging and misunderstanding police. He dubbed the measure, “clearly written by liberal activists who have never served with law enforcement, and apparently never even talked or listened to them.”
In the Upfront interview below, Wanggaard would be happy dealing with the problem after-the-fact, when its already too late, just like he would with mass shootings. Here are some of his other cliched favorites...:
1. " did it happen, why did this happen."

2. "this isn't about throwing it out there, this is about doing it right."

3. "there's going to be sense of assuredly, that when an investigation is done, its not a coverup or like that, that we have actually someone going and looking at "what's happening, and how can we fix it so it doesn't happen."
Of course we're already at point 3, trying to fix it so it doesn't happen, but Wanggaard clearly doesn't  even agree with his own suggestion. Go figure. See, he and Republicans will never solve a problem, ever:

In another appearance, Wanggaard spewed out a few other classics that lets the carnage explode. WPT's Here and Now:
1. "No matter what is in this bill, would not have changed what occurred..."

2. "We need to get at the root cause...we need to look at how can we address those issues."

3. "We have a piece of legislation we've been working on for 2 years..."
Yea, he said that.

Police Reform? Who needs it...?

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